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History of Raxus.

Raxus was founded 151 years before the start of the Role play, it was founded by a group of colonists led by Thatch Dreadnorramus (47), they were refugies from the fallen Empire of Ravio, they found an Island to the west and settled there.

They built a town and named it Raxus Triari, the town started off as a fishing and farming village, but slowly began to grow in both size, and importance, soon it became a stop for traders heading west.

Raxus then started building it's own ships and sending them out to trade with the rest of the world.

All went well with Raxus' merchant fleet until Privateers from Suternia started harassing Raxulan ships, because of this Raxus was forced to build a navy to fight back.

The navy started out with 4 clippers and 2 corvettes, and then started escorting convoys of Merchants, the problem was that the convoys could only go to one location at a time and prevented some ships from reaching other ports in a timely manner, soon the merchants started pressuring Raxus to either build more ships, or deal with Suternia, Raxus did a bit of the first, then did the second.

Raxus built 2 more clippers, another corvette, and 2 of it's first frigates, Thatch then got the captains together and gave them a simple order, "In that direction is Suternia, kill everything in that direction that flies their flag.

The ships then set sail, on the 20th day of the 5th month in the year 137 B.R.P. the fleet reached the south side of the island that Raxus was located on, it then sent two Sloops to harass the fleet of Suternia which was still in port, the sloops pulled up out side the harbor then started shelling the port until the enemy ships got under way, then the sloops got the enemy fleet to chase them out side of the harbor, then the rest of the Raxus fleet encircled the Suternia fleet and destroyed it, after the enemy fleet was destroyed the Raxulan fleet entered Suternia's harbor and demanded that all stolen ships, property, and hostages be handed back over, Suternia did as was told, the stolen ships were tied to the navy ships, and the people and supplies were loaded up, but just before the fleet left they set fire to Suternia's ship yards and cannon factories so that it would be a while before it could build another navy.

Thatch died 3 years after the battle of Suternia bay at the age of 64.

After the death of their leader the people of Raxus decided to make Thatch's son Drake Dreadnorramus (24), their new leader, Drake declared that Raxus' official name would be the Raxulan Empire, with him self as it's first Emperor, Drake then declared war on Suternia for hiring Privateers and having them attack Raxulan ships, "This time, Drake declared, Suternia's eye sore of a flag would be removed and replaced with the Imperial flag.

Raxus then mobilized it's army and built up it's navy, then Raxus began invading it's neighbors and pushing towards Suternia by land, while at the same time the Navy went south and landed an invasion force on it's southern coast line, the inland invasion reached and crossed Suternia's northern border, then started rushing south with the sea invasion rushing North, a month later Suternia was gone, and now Raxus was the most powerful nation on it's island, with the eastern half under it's control.

After conquering the Eastern half of the island Drake then sent an invasion into the west, the inhabitants of the west banded together and fought back against the Empire, after 2 years of combat Raxus was victorious in conquering the West, now the whole island was united under one flag, the flag of Raxus.

Drake would do no more conquering after this, instead he would focuss on developing what the Empire had.

During his rein Raxus would build it's first 60 gun man of war, and would construct 50 of them.

The Empire's culture, economy, and military would continue to thrive and grow under Drake who would rule for 57 years dieing at the age of 81 in the year 83 B.R.P.

He would then be succeeded by Lexis Dreadnorramus (26) the first Empress of Raxus, Lexis worked on developing art, education, and record keeping in the Empire, she also commissioned the construction of the Great Library, the wonder of Raxus, a building equal to or greater then the greatest Temple or church, and filled with 137 miles worth of packed book shelves, Lexis would also use Raxus' fleet to put an end to the Pirate Confederacy which had tormented the seas and all who traveled it since the days of Ravio, Lexis also reformed Raxus into an Imperial Republic and created a Senate, Lexis then ended slavery, and worked on industrialing Raxus so that slave labor would'nt be necessary. Lexis would rule for 49 years dieing at the age of 83 in the year 1 B.R.P.

Lexis was succeeded by Rost Dreadnorramus (17) youngest leader to rule Raxus, Rost removed the title of Emperor in favor of Sovereign. Rost is the current ruler of Raxus, Rost is a fanatic about Sea power and has been pushing the Senate to expand the navy,

Many have criticised Rost for being against marriage and having kids since this could leave the Empire without an heir, because of this Rost has been trying to get a law passed to have Lexis' brother's line recognized as the line of heirs after Rost's death, Rost has gained head way in the senate for it, but the traditionalists won't budge,

Rost is now trying to boost the Empire's influence on the world stage via diplomactic and military means, because of this Rost overturned Raxus' policy of isolationism and opened the Empire up to the world.
After Rost overturned the policy of isolationism there began a large influx of trade in the seas around Raxus, and soon the pirate activty again increased.

Soon reports of pirate raids started piling up on Rost's desk, Rost finally had enough of the problem and asked the Senate if he could order the Navy to start cracking down on the pirates, Rost then asked if they could expand the navy, the Senate said no, Rost then ordered his staff to start piling reports of pirate raids on the desks of the Senators until either the problem was dealt with, or they approved an expansion of the navy.

Soon Raxus ships began towing pirate ship after pirate ship back to port, but still the pirates persisted, soon the Senate became fed up with their desks being cluttered and approved an expansion of the navy,

Rost then began an aggressive aggressive expansion of the navy, and started construction of 70 warships, 25 of which were brand new Ships of the line, armed with over 100 guns each, Rost also created his own designs, one if these was a ship powered by a steam engine, and with an iron plated hull, 5 of these ships were layed down apon Rost's orders.

Soon piracy around Raxus became extremely rare.

After the pirates were dealt with Rost began thinking of a new way to use the very large navy he had constructed, then a word came to him which cought his attention, Conquest.