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News: Interstellar Nation RP with New Hyperion Coming Soon!

I am happy to announce that we will be developing a joint RMB RP with our vassal region, New Hyperion! We haven't hashed out many of the details yet, but what I can tell you is that it will be a nation based, interstellar space RP with a WH40K tech base that will take place on their RMB. And it's going to have what I think is a fun premise...two galaxies, Wintreath and New Hyperion, with nations from Wintreath sending forces on a one-way journey to New Hyperion to explore and search for...something. That's all you get right now, but we'll have all the details along with a sign-up form soon! For now, if this is something that you'd be interested in taking part on, make a post on their region page and let us know! If you have a nation in Wintreath, you can post on their region page with your Wintreath nation since we have NationStates embassies with each other!

Hopefully more details will be forthcoming very soon. :)

How did this come about?
Throughout the last half of April, we had been in negotiations with the region of Aukumnia to have a joint RP...if we had been able to reach a deal, we would have created a modern-themed nation RP on a third region which both Wintreath and Aukumnia would have administrated jointly. However, during the course of the negotiations, a new Minister of Roleplay took power in Aukumnia who was more interested in starting his own RP on their RMB, and after starting it in the middle of also negotiating with us, it became clear that he would only be interested in getting us to contribute to his RP on Aukumnia's RMB, which we felt would be a violation of our regional sovereignty. It got as far as actually finishing negotiations, only to find out they weren't interested in what we had been negotiating, so we had no choice but to withdraw from negotiations.

But that wasn't the end of the idea. The negotiations had stirred up a lot of talk and interest in the Riksråd about having a RMB RP, one that would be more organized than previous RPs on our own RMB. When it became clear that things weren't going to work out with Aukumnia, we got to thinking about how we could do our own...and then we remembered that New Hyperion used to have some great RPs going, including one on the RMB that had gone inactive. We realized that reviving roleplaying there could give our vassal region a new lease on life, kick-start integration between our communities, and most importantly, make for a lot of fun for everyone! And since New Hyperion is a Wintrean vassal, the concerns about having it on Aukumnia's RMB don't apply with them.

At this point there have been some initial chats, and as far as I know everything looks promising and exciting, but right now it'd be really awesome if everyone that's interested in this project speak up on their region page so we know how many people are also interested!

Hope to have more about this real soon!