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The Boke of Lazarene Histories (LazHis)

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[size=130][b]The Age of Tubb[/b]
[b]Where Lazarus lived under the most rotund delegate of Treadwellia[/b][/size]
[b]4/04/2019 --- Present Day[/b]

[b]Ancestries 1:1[/b]
[i]11/02/2019:[/i][u][/u] The great nation of [nation]A Rosa[/nation] did split from Lazarus, with a bittersweet goodbye, and made their own region now called [region]The Ros Empire[/region]. The Mineral Triplets (of the Copper States, Silicon States and Aluminium States) then did send settlers to make a new nation called [nation]the Platinum States[/nation] to remind The Ros Empire of whence they came from.

[b]Ancestries 1:2[/b]
[i]4/04/2019:[/i][u][/u] The great delegate of [nation]Imkiville[/nation] did sign over the honourable throne to the rotund nation of Treadwellia, one that endorsed plumpness and autocracy of the most large denizen. Treadwellia was rulled by Grand Tubbius and his royal family.

[b]Tubbia 1:1[/b]
[i]10/05/2019:[/i][u][/u] A medium-sized nation from Lazarus by the name of [nation]the Copper States[/nation] said: “Let there be a record to chronicle Lazarene events”, and so it was. The Lazarene cabinet at that moment did consist of:

[nation]Treadwellia[/nation] as the C.E.O. and Delegate,
[nation]Kingdom of Napels[/nation] as the Director of the Paralegal Department
[nation]New Rogernomics[/nation] as the Director of Internal Management as well as a Security Auditor
[nation]Harmoneia[/nation], [nation]Killer Kitty[/nation], [nation]Aflana[/nation] and previous delegate [nation]Imkiville[/nation] were also Security Auditors
[nation]Your Imaginary Friend[/nation] wasn’t an official member of the cabinet, but was recognised as a master of Internal Affairs within Lazarus

There were also many foreign diplomats, including the Copper States themselves.

[b]Tubbia 1:2[/b]
[i]12/05/2019:[/i] The noble [nation]Leonism[/nation] did celebrate its 7 Billionth member, and there was much rejoicing to be had. What makes this day of worth, however, is that the aforementioned Leonism did state itself friends of [nation]Hycronesia[/nation] and many others. This made Lazarus even more tight-woven and merry. What joy!

[b]Tubbia 1:3[/b]
[i]14/05/2019:[/i] The noble [nation]Leonism[/nation] agreed with [nation]The Copper States[/nation] to create a union in which there would be no visas, and citizens could pass and live freely (there would also be exchanging of the scientific knowledges)! This was the dawn of of the Lazarene Imperia. It may be viewed here: