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by The Samrajya of Hindu Mahasabha. . 133 reads.

My Review of NationStates till Now....

I have been on NS since late January 2019,I am in India only since then. I will try to give my opinion/review about NS and my region,India,about what I have felt till now,my experiences with nations,etc.

When I first arrived in India and said "Hello" on the RMB,Pratapgadh was the first nation to welcome me.He is good friend of mine.We share common interests in Rajput Culture and History.
He is also a great map designer who manages our regional map.Another great thing about him is, he is great NS Sportsman,he organises good NS Sports on the forum's,if you haven't seen them now,I strongly recommend you to look at them.

Next comes Hindu Puri, he is like my elder brother.We share common political opinions and ideology.He always guides me what to do, whenever I'm in a confusion.I just want to say,"I love you brother and glad that you are there for me".He is currently the WA Delegate of India and a very hard working nation.

This dispatch would be incomplete if I don't mention Awell Islands,though we have had little fights,but at the end of the day,we both care for each-other and can do anything for each-other.He is like my younger brother,and a great Dispatch writer.He efficiently uses all the macros and makes the dispatches look good.He has a variety of Templates/Designs of Dispatches.

Next comes Cape Belus,in early days,I mainly communicated him through RP,he is an amazing guy who will uplift your mood whenever you are down.A very kind and energetic person.He is always worried about the declining population of our region, don't worry bro we will soon rise up.

And next is.......Nirupama!
The founder of our region,India.He is an inspiration to me.He is one of the first members and original nation of the previous India,who fought back raiders and freed India.India looks in its present form and is operating under a democracy,all credits go to him.Whenever I have any confusion related regional decisions,I go to him.

And here comes Indusse,another great friend of mine,efficient at regional administration,and was the former WA Delegate of India two times.
Whenever I have to arrange any regional event,I always approach him for help.

And in the queue,next is,Neo Kerala,he is a great RPer and a also one of my best friend.His nation always sells me high-tech weapons and other stuffs at low price.His nation competes with me on economical and military fronts,though I don't allow him to takeover me....XD
His dispatches is the second thing that attracts me.Carefull usage of table and list tags in his dispatches looks good.Most of the times, whenever I have to write a dispatch,I take idea from his dispatches.

And next is Trivian,a great energetic person and best friend of mine.He is always ready to accomplish whatever regional task is given to him.He is very close to me,just like my brother.

And here comes,Anantpura, whenever I need any help to code dispatches,I visit him.Currently he is inactive,I hope he comes back to NS soon.

Next in the queue is Zealandiana,a good friend of mine and great adviser.His idea(s) led to the creation of our Regional Assembly.

Another person close to me is,Ankitsingh, recently he has left NS.Me and all my regional mates will greatly miss him.He wasn't much active on the RMB,but always supported me.Thank you bro for being there for me.

Next comes,Upper Calcutta (Bengal).We don't often share common political opinions and ideologies but he is very good friend of mine. One thing that is common between us is that,we both are Bengali,so I regard him as my Dada,elder brother.His RPs have always attracted me.

And next comes,Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj,I haven't interacted with him much,but whenever I have,it was great.I admire his Marathi culture and his nation's close resemblence to the Marathi Culture.

Last but not the least,Tanwirid,an ex-member of India.When he was in India,his map ideas and RPs had amazed me.

Now let us come outside India,I have also interacted with a variety of regions over a course of time.Here are some of them:

Bar on the corner of every region:A great place for casual RP and expensive drinks.

The Embassy:Holds the record for largest number of embassies!

Union of Democrats:I mainly go to their region to discuss RL politics,as their region is inhabited many Indians.

Novus Lucidum:I always appreciate their regional RP which is going on their RMB.The Founder Odinburgh is a very good friend of mine.We are also members of G 20.

The Wolf Clan:Founder Alpha Wolf is good friend of mine and advises our region on military defence.His nation's baseball league also attracts me.Though I don't know much about baseball, but still their dispatches and arrangement of regional sports can attract any sports enthusiast.

Nasunia:This region's mystery gameplay has always seemed interesting to me.If ambody haven't seen it yet, I'd recommend you to go through it at once,you will love it.I came to know about their mystery game when NASUANIA gave me a clue to hold and provide to anyone,if they came hunting for it.

The Independent Newspaper:A Great job being done by The Newspaper Boy.

The Moderate Alliance:When I received an embassy request from Christian Confederation,I reviewed and accepted it.Thrn I hadn't given much thought to it.But now,I realise it was a good decision of mine,a good region to visit and discuss different political ideologies.

My Message:

To the above mentioned nations,I don't know you in RL,I haven't seen you In RL,but still you people made me feel like home in my/your region and have helped me gain an excellent experience of NationStates.
Thank you very much for that!!

I am glad I came across you on NS!

All these people have a positive impact on me.

Thank You Everyone!