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2019 Oatland Summer Games(signups closed)

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[center][Size=125][url=]Triumph With Us[/url][/size][/center]
[center][Size=300]Oatland Regional Games
2019 Summer Games[/size][/center]

The Oatland Regional Games is an international sporting event held in [region]Oatland[/region] since 2016. Its purpose is to promote sporting excellence and international brotherhood. Citizens of all nations in Oatland and it's affiliated regions are welcome to compete in the games and each event is open to all athletes.

[size=150]The Games[/size]
The Oatland regional games are biannual, with games held in both summer and winter. Each game consists of numerous events in which athletes compete for the gold, silver and bronze metal. This years summer game has nine events: Diving, Rifle Shooting, the Decathlon, Gymnastics, Weightlifting, Equestrian Sports, Swimming, Archery, and a new event; Fencing 
[box]Example roster:

Gymnastics - Angèle Dior, Lionel Genet
Swimming - Marc Gérald, Céline Berlioz
Weightlifting - Philippe Jauffret, Gérald Pretre
Rifle Shooting - Christine Girard, Olivia Gaudreau, Jean-Yves Bachelot
Decathlon - Olivier Ballouhey, René Pascal, Marinette Derocles, Nathan Carré
Equestrian Sports - Sara Lafaille
Archery - Charlaine Paquet, Raymond Denis
Fencing - Jacques Lefèvre, Françoise du Gast[/box][/floatright]
[size=150]How to participate[/size]
In order to compete nations should telegram a list of competing athletes to [nation=shortname]Aclion[/nation], the event organizer.
This roster should contain the full name of each competing athlete as well as the event they will competing in. Nations are currently limited to Eighteen athletes total and are allowed to allocate up to five to each event. If an athlete is competing in more then one event then each entry is counted separately towards the nations total athlete pool.

The exact system used for scoring is secret. However there are a number of things nations can do to to gain advantage, including:[list]Cultivating a high health stat in there nation to boost athlete performance,
Shrewdly allocating athletes among the events,
Publishing team logos, uniform designs and anthems to earn a teamwide bonus
Publishing short biographies of competitors to earn a bonus for that competitor,
Selecting a national specialty sport to gain advantage in that event,
Sending previous medal earners to the same event to receive a champion bonus,[/list]
Please be sure to submit all material for points by the sign-up deadline if you wish it to count towards your score.[/list]

[size=150]Schedule of events[/size]
June 8th - Signup deadline
June 10th - Opening Ceremonies
June 12th - Diving 
June 14th - Rifle Shooting
June 16th - Decathlon
June 18th - Gymnastics
June 20th - Weightlifting
June 22nd - Equestrian Sports
June 24th - Swimming
June 26th - Archery
June 28th - Fencing
June 30th - Closing Ceremonies

[nation]Aclion[/nation] - [url=]Anthem[/url], [url=]Uniform[/url]
[nation]Nokgar[/nation] [url=]Uniform[/url]
[nation]Hippie Wonderland[/nation]
[nation]Tjorl[/nation] - [url=]Anthem[/url] - [url=]Biographies[/url]
[nation]Yeet my dab[/nation]
[nation]Yeunen[/nation] - [url=]Uniform and Logo[/url] - [url=]Biographies[/url]
[nation]The Ascended Transhumanist Sociocracy[/nation] - [URL=]Anthem[/url] - [url=]Uniform and logo[/url]

[region]The Bar on the corner of every region[/region]
[nation]Anacin[/nation] - [url=]Anthem[/url] - [url=]Biographies[/url]

[nation]Finmany[/nation] - [url=]Anthem[/url] - [url=]Uniform[/url]
[nation]Earthbound immortal squad[/nation]

[region]Realm of the Whispering Winds[/region]
[nation]Maria Malvina[/nation] - [url=]Anthem[/url]
[nation]Halcyon Nova[/nation] - [url=]Big ol sexy rp dispatch[/url]

[region]The Bunny Fire[/region]
[nation]Fishy Apples[/nation][url=]Uniforms[/url] - [url=]Anthem[/url]
[nation]The Onigiri Enclave[/nation] [url=]Anthem[/url]


[List][*]Gold: Marc Gérald of [nation]Aclion[/nation]
[*]Silver:  Leonila Deman of [nation]Nokgar[/nation]
[*]Bronze: Amy Sheppard of [nation]Earthbound immortal squad[/nation][/list]

Rifle Shooting:

[List][*]Gold: Rene Dubanowski of [nation]Anacin[/nation]
[*]Silver:  Leon Pavlov of [nation]Anacin[/nation]
[*]Bronze:  Ivah 'Dubloon' Bartholomew of [nation]Halcyon Nova[/nation][/list]


[List][*]Gold: Artyom Sienkiewicz of [nation]Anacin[/nation]
[*]Silver & Bronze: René Ballouhey of [nation]Finmany[/nation] and Georgianna 'Grim Reaper' Seth of [nation]Halcyon Nova[/nation][/list]


[List][*]Gold: Fedot Bukoski of [nation]Anacin[/nation]
[*]Silver: Xela Deacon of [nation]Finmany[/nation]
[*]Bronze: Chen Lei of [nation]Yeunen[/nation][/list]


[List][*]Gold: A cardboard cutout of Maximilian Fitzwallace III, Esquire of [nation]Windiria[/nation]
[*]Silver: Marc Gérald of [nation]Aclion[/nation]
[*]Bronze: Amy Sheppard of [nation]Earthbound immortal squad[/nation][/list]

Equestrian Sports:

[List][*]Gold: Greg Expoti of [nation]The Ascended Transhumanist Sociocracy[/nation]
[*]Silver: Ping Kamena of [nation]The Ascended Transhumanist Sociocracy[/nation]
[*]Bronze: Cheryl Religieuse of [nation]Fishy Apples[/nation][/list]

[List][*]Gold: [pending]
[*]Silver:  [pending]
[*]Bronze:  [pending][/list]

[List][*]Gold: [pending]
[*]Silver:  [pending]
[*]Bronze:  [pending][/list]

[List][*]Gold: [pending]
[*]Silver:  [pending]
[*]Bronze:  [pending][/list]