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The FCN School of Law - Accepting Applications Now!

Est. May 9th, 2019 by President Vens Verbum

Enroll today to receive your Juris Doctorate to practice law within the Federation of Conservative Nations! Whether you want to defend clients, engage in civil trials, or prosecute offenders in the future, the FCN School of Law will teach you the values to be a successful lawyer. Justice, Order, and Peace is the motto of the FCN School of Law, you can't have all one without the other. If accepted into the school, you will receive training on a broad range of academia from former justices, Presidents, and other FCN Government Officials and campus staff. APPLY TODAY!

Types of Law You Can Learn

Constitutional Law

Administrative Law

Criminal Law

Civil Law

Our Campus

The FCN School of Law Grand Library where students come to read hundreds of years of case law and global legal history.

We hope to see you in next semester's class! APPLY TODAY!