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An Important Announcement

Hello everyone, I have a very exciting but also very sad announcement to make.

This is not a “goodbye NS” dispatch, but this is something very important nonetheless.

1. I have been accepted into the Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics, one of the best schools in the world. This is a huge acheivement and I wouldn’t be here if I hadn’t worked my ASS off for YEARS. I have been dreaming about going to this school ever since I was 12, and now that I am here, I have decided that I want to go to this school.

The bad news about that is, it is a boarding school.

They have a super strict policy when it comes to academic focus and studying, so they do not allow any outside electronics during the week. That includes phones and other electronics that aren’t their own computers. That, combined with the fact that I might have significantly more work to do on weekends, means that I will spend MUCH less time on NS, and it is sad to say that i might have to quit it altogether.

2. This isn’t necessarily goodbye. I might be available on some weekends, and during holidays and things like that. I will still be on the discord and subreddit, so send me a DM or telegram me if you want me for whatever reason. I most likely won’t respond to RMB mentions.

3. We need a plan for the future of Lardyland. I didn’t think that I would get in, so I didn’t prepare beforehand. I actually have zero plan and time is running out. Fast. I don’t know what to do.

This was a very hard decision for me to make, and I hope that you all understand why I made my decision to go.

The Maxwell of Captain Lard