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Employee of the Month!

Employee of the Month!
Delegate Awards!

Lazarus is full of phenomenal talent, passion and creativity, we wanted to showcase some of the wonderful nations that inhabit our beloved region and award their contributions to Lazarus in a fun way!
Fitting our LazCorp theme Imkiville decided to create the Employee of the Month awards during her Delegacy with future awards given by following delegates.
To be unveiled on the last Monday of every month, one nation from Lazarus will be announced and have their shiny frame added to the wall!
Anyone with a nation in residence in Lazarus is eligible to be Employee of the Month and everything around the region will be taken into consideration!
Is there someone who's consistently positive and friendly on the RMB? How about a nation with the most amazing and in-depth factbooks? Always helping out in the government? Writes the best legislation in the assembly? You name it! Anything can qualify you to be the next Employee of the Month, you just have to be active in Lazarus!
Know someone you think deserves the award next? Telegram suggestions with the reason to current C.E.O Treadwellia and your friend may be the next to be immortalised in a lovely shiny frame too!

A bit behind schedule but better late than never!

Lazarene Ryccia

Ryccia was chosen for their hard work in the foreign affairs department of the region. Working hard as Imaginary's deputy since his appointment, heading towards being a great minister himself, and playing an instrumental part in our first treaty since the new government came into being, he's proven himself a loyal and committed member of Lazarus.
A dedicated professional, we believe Ryccia deserves more recognition and so we give them the Employee of the Month award for April!

Also, because Imki forgot to award anything for March at the end of her delegacy:

New Rogernomics

New Rogernomics is our amazing regional forum wizard, Minister of Internal Affairs and member of the Council of Lazarene Security. Single handed he has set up and run our wonderful forums, without him we wouldn't have somewhere for our more in depth discussions and legal records. His amazing efforts have made our forum so much more than that though, constantly bringing exciting and fun new things to the site whilst also keeping it running smoothly with all the boring behind the scenes stuff. Leader of Internal Affairs is no small job either, running our media outlet, the Lazarene Gazette, hosting festivals and games and generally keeping y'all up to date with what's going on and how to get involved, it's a lot of work and he does a great job of it but still manages to find time to keep an eye on the region and help keep us safe.
For going above and beyond, we believe New Rogernomics deserves an honour for everything he does for us all and so we give them the Employee of the Month award for March!

Please enjoy your place(s) on our wall of fame! :D