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[OOC] What are all these tags? (Read first)

In order to write the most accurate picture of Islaevia as I imagine it, different entries in the factbook are meant to be written from different points of view. Hence, to prevent confusion, I organized this factbook in diferent tags that deal indicate the point of view from which every entry is written.
  • [OOC]: This factbooks are written by me, the person behind the nation, as a player of this game and not as a fictional character / nation.

  • [EPV]: Stands for External Point of View, and presents an in-character, objective view of Islaevia from an external unofficial source. Since Islaevia is meant to be a dictatorship, an EPV tag is needed so that other players can get an idea of what Islaevia is like - including truths that the government would never admit, such as human rights abuses.

  • [OFFICIAL]: Self-explanatory, entries under this tag are written in-character by the government of Islaevia or related organizations, or from a progovernment point of view.