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Home Ministry Report:India

Rejection of Embassies and Flaming

Recently in a regional dispatch the nation of Ragnaria has attempted to flame several of our regional members.

The nation of Ragnaria has been sending Embassy Requests to India for more than 3 weeks,each time their embassy request was rejected,stating that they do not satisfy our embassy policy.

This time as well the embassy request was rejected,but Ragnaria took a wrong turn and started backdoor recruitment from India.When he was caught,he was banned and his region was put into the blacklist.

This might have agaiating him,which led him to write a dispatch stating that only 10-15 nations are genuine in India,rest all are puppets.He further claimed that all the Ministers are ruling the region via dictatorship.

As for the first claim,we recommend Ragnaria,if his common sense is not so good he can check that there are 25 nations in India having the WA tag.Further many members are associated with our Regional Defence Army,called as Indian Armed Forces,which prevents them from having a WA tag on their main nation.

Now coming to the second conclusion,if Ragnaria has patience,before accusing the regional leadership of Dictatorship should check our elections (page=poll/p=139327 and which have elected our Ministers to their post and not via any coup.
Further,If the term dictatorship fits anyone it is Ragnaria himself,as he is the founder of The League of Socialist States and also the WA Delegate,thus grabbing all the power in the region and not letting anyone else have the post.

It should also be noted that Ragnaria was associated with Scath who once in their regional newspaper,supported the now deleted nation of Hamramstan,stating that his claims are true and Bharadesh is not his puppet.But as per our last report,the truth finally came out and all those puppet nations were deleted.
Now the Home Ministry wants to ask will Ragnaria and Scath apologize for their behaviour?
They have supported the harassment of our member nations by safeguarding Hamramstan,so now when the truth is put,they are again flaming our region via different methods.

Establishment of Regional Assembly

The Government of India,with aid from Home Ministry,has set up the Link Regional Assembly which will let all the Citizens of India to vote on parliamentary laws thus enforcing Democracy and Transparency in the region.
Currently the proposal is in discussion among the Cabinet Ministers and is expected to be passed and executed within next 24 hours.

Parliament Restarted

Our Parliament has been restarted last week.
Bills are currently proposed by Prime Minister Awell Islands and Foreign Minister Indusse.
The Parliament aims to pass all the pending bills in the current session.
The parliament,after final words from Prime Minister and WA Delegate will begin the Question Hour on Friday.