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Traxus Heavy Industries


Traxus is an industrial company. They provide transportation of products as well as selling their own product: vehicles. The company is ubiquitous, as it is one of the largest companies in the Inner Colonies.



  • Civet [Car]

  • CivHog [Civilian Warthog]

  • Genet [Car]

  • M12 GT [Racing Civilian Warthog]

  • Project HOGSTICKER [idk]

  • M12S Civilian Sport Transport [Civilian Warthog, Taxi Variant]

  • Capri [Car]

  • Spade [Pickup Truck]

  • HC1500 [Cargo Truck]
    -HC1500 Semi

  • Traxus Komodo Rig [Mining Rig]

  • S-2 Traxus Cargo Transporter [Forklift]


  • Industrial Transportation

  • Commercial Shipping

  • Universal Transportation



  • Traxus Operating Tower

  • Traxus HQ


  • Factory Complex 09

  • Wind Power Station 07


  • Traxus IV

  • Asklon Shipping Facility


  • COBB Industries

  • Asklon Manufacturing

  • Liang-Dortmund Corporation