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Liang-Dortmund Corporation


Liang-Dortmund is a mining and exploration company that work for several colonies. They are a subdivision of Traxus Heavy Industries They utilize large drills and mining rigs that can drive over large expanses of uneven terrain. They also operate their own bonded security by using modified UNSCDF vehicles.



  • M290 ATV


  • M820 Main Battle Tank

  • Arilus Heavy Drilling Vehicle [big boy drill]

  • EM-240 Neides Drill

  • S-2 Traxus Cargo Transporter [Forklift]

  • Traxus Komodo Rig [Mining Rig, large as a small FOB]

  • HRUNTING Mk. III "Cyclops" [Variant Class - Offworld // Utilize high-tension energy blowtorch, plasma cutters, and variable 'claws']


  • D79H-TC/HL

  • Brahman Light Hauler



  • Meridian Station

  • Jorta Station


  • Apogee Station


  • Darkstar Station

  • Pinnacle Station