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Laz OS | participate in projects, or create your own!

Hello! Welcome to Laz OS!

This part of LazCorp is divided into three areas: LazACT (fun activities), LazAGE (lore and role-play) and LazWA (security and resolutions). Please check out what's currently going on and consider participating or starting your own project!


LazASK aims to encourage intriguing discussion on the Regional Message Board by bringing up a specific topic every day. These topics alternate between being about In-Character and Out-of-Character matters in order to inspire lore-building as well as general community development.

Temp Staff: Leonism <3

LazART is all about encouraging people to play around with art and share the products of their creativity with others. To this end, an art prompt is established every month and a dispatch published to hold submissions. LazART also reaches out to established artists in the greater NationStates community for thoughts on the submitted works and general art advice.

Hello Lazarus! Welcome to LazART!
As Director of Internal Management, I'd like to invite you to participate in this month's LazART contest.

This month's prompt is to draw a picture in the real-world, using (coloured) pencils, pens or crayons, then scan/photograph and upload it.

Our last contest got very few submissions (1 to be exact), so I've decided to make the conditions less restrictive. You can draw whatever you like (as long as it conforms to general NationStates rules of what may be posted).

You have until March 31st to send your submission to me via telegram or message Leonism#9218 on Discord (where you can directly upload images from your computer). All submissions will be posted below.


"Oddly Shaped Brick Wall" by

"Saturn V rocket" by
Cossack Peoples


Read dispatch

I don't know if you've met them yet, but I was talking with Escala recently and they linked me to this really neat website called Random Art. As they explained...

Escala wrote:A computer/script creates [an image] based upon a word [or phrase, or random gibberish] you type in. It's randomly generated for each typed in thing. Example would be: abcd. Anytime you put 'abcd' it will come up with that one generated image, but 'abcde' '12&52919' will be different. So you can write a sentence and create an image too!

I thought it might be interesting to generate images for different nations in Lazarus with the website and share them with each other. :)

If you'd like yours to be added to the gallery send me what word you'd like used (nation name, leader, or whatever!) and I'll make it, or generate your own and send me the link to it! (be prepared for me to make snarky comments about<3)

LinkGo to the website (fyi it takes a while to load the image)
Telegram me

Snudgeskooge (Snoodum)

aww this is like a beautiful spring moment of bright clouds and cheerful winds! :D

dadaism bad (Dadaism Haters)

if you wanted to give someone a present for Easter... this is what it'd look like :P

Steadfast (Mzeusia)

so high-techy and clean! I feel like a lot of disco parties must happen in Mzeusia... =)


like a lava lamp almost!

Your Imaginary Friend

this looks so appropriate x)

I'm not entirely sure what word Escala used, but I think their image is very pretty!

Hope you found this cool!

Read dispatch


LazMAP provides a visual canvass to display the nations of Lazarus. While it is not necessarily related to role-play, RPing with others in regards to nation position on the map is welcomed.

Map of Lazarus
map | nations | join | log


LinkWhat this looks like on a globe... (thank you Snoodum!)




Capital City

Nation Summary







Aigania is an efficient, environmentally stunning, cultured, genial, safe and socially progressive nation. Their citizens are vat-grown people and soft-spoken computers, with keen interest in outer space and irreverence towards religion. Aigania have a medium-sized government which is primarily concerned with Education and an industrial sector, which is quite specialized and mostly made up of the Information Technology industry.



Mano Zate

Atlas orbis (Empire of Atlas Orbis)


Santo Dominigo

This is an empire that has a very long, bloody, but colorful and fruitful history. The country's economy is large, based on imports and exports and invests largely in their air and naval capabilities to be able to keep up with other powers.






Caybow is a weird but accepting nation.


Citizen (pending)

Jin Chu-Ne

Chenzoizia is the reformed lands of the old Chenzoizian Empire and Sardessa. After Sardessa fell in to civil unrest from being a reincarnation of the old empire, Emperor Keiyentai (son of the fallen emperor of Chenzoizia) took back his fathers fallen empire and merged Sardessa with The Empire of Chenzoizia. After the revival many new laws came in to place to keep The Empire of Chenzoizia alive, some loved by the people and others feared by people who were immigrants to Sardessa now permanent residents of Chenzoizia.




Cianlandia is a large and sprawling Empire of magnificent proportions.

Clanitatteropia (Sandwich Empire)


Saola District

Clanitatteropia, a nation known for its obsession with sandwiches!

Cossack Peoples


New Krasnoyarsk

The FRCP is a volatile political entity, born feebly from the concessions after years of anarchy and civil war between Cossack hosts, then solidified into a nation by the iron hands of its leaders. The government bans anything if it means more citizens will be able to be monitored and spends exorbitant amounts of money into its stifling command economy and belligerent military policies. Many of its citizens have simply given up hope, and instead, get caught up in the patriotism as a way to escape, not knowing anything better.
It also has nice national parks and lovely policies such as state-provided healthcare and maternity leave.




God is a Custadian.

Dadaism haters





Debussy is a small, landlocked nation, notable for its isolated geography, stunning environment, and variety of beautiful birds. Their citizens are soft spoken and kind, living in largely rural communities. The tiny, but efficient, government is primarily concerned with the environment and education, and the economy's focus is farming exports.






Fluffiness is a peaceful nation, with a limited government with strong anarchist values, accepting everyone.

Frankish Peoples


The Frankish Peoples are a proud nation of several million who live under a parliamentary monarchy. The economy is modest and upstart, and the outlook is bright.

Glorious Society



Greater catarapania


Greater Catarapania City

Guiness Freaks


Jameson Whiskey

Guiness freaks, founded in 2001 by the glorious Dear Leader and his twin brother Beer leader to bring forth joy and drunkenness to the region.




Halliway is known for as the nation with a massive economy as well as its intellectual and scientific achievements.

Hickerbilly (The W.B.W.R.)



Perfect place to party, as long as you let us know your gonna be there. Mind our modified AK-40-12-Gauges.


Citizen (pending)

The Tipsy Leprechaun

HIreland is collection of bars and drunkards with a leader who is the most drunk of all (as determined by a census of blood alcohol counts).

Holler town (The W.B.W.R.)



Holler Town, the homeland of the WBWR (Wild Band of Woodland Raiders), is a great ally, but a force to be reckoned with. They specialize in bows, so they don't need guns to excel in combat, but beware of their fondness of them!







Hyrule world


castle town

Ireland isles


Stag City




Kappan is a fanatical nation full of devoted, fundamentalist followers of Christianity. The law is constantly shifting, since laws are based on the bible, which happens to contradict itself quite often.

Killer Kitty


Krazy Kitty Military District

Kingdom of Napels


Lazarene Ryccia (Fornoire)



Lazarus domais (Zuckerland)


Lazarene Domsgrad




Leonism is an ancient Empire, formed in 2003 in RL, ruled by a military democracy (all citizens are also part of the military, but there are free and fair elections). The economy is a social market economy, with a heavily regulated capitalism at its core. Arms Manufacturing is the country's biggest industry, but the economy is diverse with Tourism and Book Publishing also being important. The government focuses on education, science and military. The standard of living is high, but so is the tax rate.

Loftegen 3 (Loftegen)



Loftegen is a representative democracy overseen by an absolute ruler.



Lugmelt City

The environmentally stunning Empire of Lugmeltistan is a successful, socialist nation of equitable equality, with technology and policies so progressive that they even allow for A.I. citizens to be amongst the ranks. Ruled by the charismatic and progressive Leader Lugard Melton, Lugmeltistan is understanding of situations life puts people in and helps everyone reach their full potential so that, together, all will live their best life (even though the infinite energy ran out).






The Underground Network of Missile Silos




Mzeusia is a democratic, environmentally friendly nation whose government is led by Sirakles Tylosis. The people in general, have a strong sense of national and cultural identity, and they still partake in customs dating back to ancient times.

New Rogernomics



New Vedan


Guana City

New Vedan was created by a expedition from Vedan that landed on this planet century's ago after losing contact with the home country.

Nikolas nation


NoDrugCrimeTown (The Land of Monplus)


The Land of Monplus is a nation that changes too much often, sometimes deceiving. It is a nice an groovy nation though, with the best we could offer to the world. It's cultured and the people are well taken care of. Enjoy our weekly parties and visit our wondrous skylines.

Northern Rosary Isles


The Garden

Northern Westwald



Old thiruvananthapuram


Old Thiruvananthapuram

Pama Freeza


Kaiju Kapital




Patridam is a wealthy, vast nation of 43 million patriotic citizens. High economic freedom, rich natural resources, and a strategic location have turned Patridam into an economic powerhouse of cold-war tech. Limited government keeps civil liberties strong, income tax nonexistent, and foreign policy non-interventionist.



Pettos is a rich tropical island colony and a popular tourist attraction.



Imperial City

Perchan is a City State and Hinterland led by HM Grimald von Perchan.







Satanic empire



The Satanic Empire is a group of Satanists and Demons that have formed a confederacy and wish to establish their own domain on earth. They regularly form a connection between their lands and the Hellscape they come from.




Schlactsovania is an old Nation that is ruled with an iron fist, only open to trade with and assist those in the region.

Significantly Sized Bricks (Theocracy of Bricks)


Foundry of Bricks



Snudgskooge's palace

Snoodum, formerly known as Galgaria was formally founded in 47 AFD (After Founder's Death). This sparked the long and bloody history of Galgaria, renamed after the current leader, God-Emperor Snudgeskooge. Many view the country as a hostile, corrupt cesspit of oppression and squalor. This of course is blasphemy!

Snoodum has prospered with every citizen living underground in mega-cities. Some may view the state's measures of control as excessive though this is purely so it can run and continue to be finely tuned to the nth degree so that life runs smoothly. The military control the surface cities, preserved, and in some places, rebuilt to display Snoodum's historic roots. Military installations dot the country and only those given special permits are allowed to the surface.




Tribune of liberal democratic order, The Union of Steadfastness aspires to be a bastion against the less scrupulous states, which bring misrule, malfeasance, chaos and suffering to their people. A state that recognizes the intricacies of the fine balance that constitutes a healthy democracy, the Steadfast Crown is under no illusions about its weaknesses, strategic ambitions, or the absolute truth that democracy is right, and its interests must be implacably pursued.
Status in Lazarus (resident, citizen, foreign diplomat): resident



Trash Island




Surd is a federal republic led by a President. As a highly developed country with a very high standard of living, it offers social security and a universal health care system, environmental protections, and a tuition-free university education.

Sveta Makreshanska Kraljevina (Света Макрешанска Краљевина)


Sveta Makreshanska Kraljevina is a small, landlocked nation, notable for its blood thirsty soldiers and Chauvinistic population that despise any other ethnic group or people inside their nation. Its well known for its Concentration, Extermination, Labor, and Rape camps that they opened after it got its independence.






The Caucasian Nation


The Marsupial


A marsupial

The New California Republic (The NCR)


Shady Sands

The new earth army (The W.B.W.R.)


Special forces psychic spy unit abandoned by the U.S. military, The New Earth Army left for a new home, and settled peacefully in Lazarus.

The Northern Mountaineers


The republic of glasgow



An existential crisis.

The Sigometh Dynasty



The Sigometh Dynasty is a rich, environmentally stunning and safe tropical/mediterranean nation known for its keen interest in outer space, irreverence towards religion and a complete lack of prisons.

Tor Otto


Tor Otto City



Piggy Cliff

Your Imaginary Friend (Imaginary)



Imaginary is a dilapidated seashore country that likes to keep to itself, choosing to fish and farm in isolation rather than trading with other nations in Lazarus. This may be why the place is called Imaginary, for many are not even aware of its existence up in the far north-western reaches of the region.

Zetaopalatopia (ZSU)




To join the map, please copy, fill out and send the following application to me via telegram or to Sylven Razedusk#1404 on Discord.

Your nation on NationStates:

Nation name you would like displayed on map:

Place you would like your nation to be on map (white spaces or CTEed nations):

Place you would like your capital city to be on the map (only available if the capital city of your NS nation is unlocked):

Color you would like your nation to be on map:

Short nation summary (optional):

Status in Lazarus (resident, citizen, foreign diplomat):

You'll be notified once your nation has been added. If you aren't happy with how your nation looks or ever want to add something to it, please don't hesitate to reach out again! =)


Clicking on some of the following links may make something download onto your device. You probably don't want that.

3/31: research/experimentation

4/8 - 4/9: Linkbeta-testing (Aflana, Harm, Imki, KK, joW, NR, LD, Tubbius, Imaginary added)
4/9: dispatch created
4/9: Linkreleased to public
4/9: LinkAsta, Rach and Albhan added
4/10: LinkJado/USS added, Piggy Cliff moved
4/10: LinkMelons and Ryccia added
4/10: LinkRyccia enlarged, Catherine moved
4/14: LinkGuiness added
4/15: LinkWeirmach, Copper States, New California Republic, and Sockallama added
4/16: LinkRockina and North added
4/16: LinkAstalen added
4/16: LinkIreland Isles added
4/16: LinkHycronesia added
4/19: LinkHaviarda added
4/20: LinkAigan and Huanin added
4/22: LinkWashington coffee and B. Apalioto added
4/22: LinkPharcyde added
4/24: LinkCianlandia added
4/26: LinkKaskardia and MMMM added
4/29: LinkZeta, Torrentin and Bricks added
4/29: LinkLeonism added

5/1: LinkHalliway and West Amerika added (faulty)
5/8: LinkCaybow and Holler T. added
5/9: Linkriver added to Holler T.
5/10: Linkmore rivers added to Holler T.
5/12: LinkGalfni added
5/13: LinkTCO, Kappan and TNEA added, Halliway and W. Amerika restored
5/14: LinkSunnyPhil and Perchan added
5/15: LinkMcChimp, Fluffiness and Hickerbilly added
5/17: Linkcontinents added, WBWR created
5/18: LinkHickerbilly changed, Loftegen added
5/20: LinkLoftegen changed, S. Seatlantis added

6/2: LinkHuanin and Weirmachs removed, Sinyal and oceans added
6/2: LinkSnoodum added
6/5: LinkSockallama removed, Patridam added
6/12: LinkSulfux added
6/16: LinkMap A changed LinkMap B created
6/20: LinkMap B: Lowe added
6/26: LinkMap A: Washington coffee, Rockina, MMMM, Boschetti A. and The Ceth Order removed

8/14: LinkMap A: Axixic added
8/15: LinkMap A: Glasgow added
8/17: LinkMap A: Mzeusia added
8/27: LinkMap A: Gianica added
8/31: LinkMap B: Imp. Sulfux added

9/17: LinkMap A: Seatl and S. Seatl capitals added LinkMap B: N. Seatl, Liriand and Austral Isle added
9/18: LinkMap A: Predora added
9/23: LinkMap A: Sandwich/Clanit added; Sheepshape, New Arm. and Pharcyde removed

10/2: LinkMap A: Lugmelt added
10/4: LinkMap A: Tanshia added
10/15: LinkMap B: Lesbian and Ono added
10/24: LinkMap B: Glorious Society, Eco Eur and Old Thiru added

11/5: LinkMap B: Eco Eur changed to Volf Nation and Vierre added
11/10: LinkMap B: Cozzack Peoplez and Kvuientez added; Auztral Izlez removed
11/23: LinkMap A: Flinkara and Andrellian added; Albhanaghan, Galfni, Fluffiness, Harm, Haviarda, Zulfux and the UZZ removed LinkMap B: Cozzack Peoplez' capitol added; Zigometh and Vedan added; Liriand and Imp. Zulfux removed
11/27: LinkMap B: Cozzack Peoplez edited; Danwaria added
11/28: LinkMap B: Pettos added
11/29: LinkMap A: Hraban added
11/29: LinkMap A: Luila added
11/30: LinkMap B: Monpluz added

12/3: LinkMap A: Fluffinezz added
12/5: LinkMap B: Pettoz color changed, Dernel and Zhuya Mountainz added
12/6: LinkMap B: Muzziliburg added
12/7: LinkMap A: HIreland added
12/10: LinkMap A: Veztvald and Rozary added
12/29: LinkMap B: Chenzoizia and Mussoliniburg capital added LinkMap A: Rosary Isles capital added

Read factbook

Project Manager: The copper states

LazHIS creates a canonical chronicle of events starting now, and ending when Lazarus ends.

Check Link for a nicer-looking version

The Age of Tubb
Where Lazarus lived under the most rotund delegate of Treadwellia

4/04/2019 --- Present Day

Ancestries 1:1
11/02/2019: The great nation of A rosa did split from Lazarus, with a bittersweet goodbye, and made their own region now called The Ros Empire. The Mineral Triplets (of the Copper States, Silicon States and Aluminium States) then did send settlers to make a new nation called The platinum states to remind The Ros Empire of whence they came from.

Ancestries 1:2
4/04/2019: The great delegate of Imkiville did sign over the honourable throne to the rotund nation of Treadwellia, one that endorsed plumpness and autocracy of the most large denizen. Treadwellia was rulled by Grand Tubbius and his royal family.


Tubbia 1:1
10/05/2019: A medium-sized nation from Lazarus by the name of The copper states said: “Let there be a record to chronicle Lazarene events”, and so it was. The Lazarene cabinet at that moment did consist of:

Treadwellia as the C.E.O. and Delegate,
Kingdom of Napels as the Director of the Paralegal Department
New Rogernomics as the Director of Internal Management as well as a Security Auditor
Harmoneia, Killer Kitty, Aflana and previous delegate Imkiville were also Security Auditors
Your Imaginary Friend wasn’t an official member of the cabinet, but was recognised as a master of Internal Affairs within Lazarus

There were also many foreign diplomats, including the Copper States themselves.

Tubbia 1:2
12/05/2019: The noble Leonism did celebrate its 7 Billionth member, and there was much rejoicing to be had. What makes this day of worth, however, is that the aforementioned Leonism did state itself friends of Hycronesia and many others. This made Lazarus even more tight-woven and merry. What joy!

Tubbia 1:3
14/05/2019: The noble Leonism agreed with The copper states to create a union in which there would be no visas, and citizens could pass and live freely (there would also be exchanging of the scientific knowledges)! This was the dawn of of the Lazarene Imperia. It may be viewed here: page=dispatch/id=1209726

Then do we enter a dark time, where The copper states bufooneshly forgot to record anything of date. During this time, the feared Lily rose, destroyed Ros Empire, and then was shunned. The copper states also reached 1 billion before a meteor crash, and Moose Farmers (Adelsin and Sneyland) stopped in Lazarus, although very briefly.

Tubbia 1:4
28/07/2019: The copper states did awaken from their slumber and said: "Let LazHis continue!". And so it does to this day.

Tubbia 1:5
28/07/2019: Sneyland and Adelsin did return to Lazarus, this time for good. All moose harassment was forgot, and a new chapter of moose began.

Read factbook


LazAIM's focus is on ensuring that the CEO maintains a high endorsement count, that the Security Auditors stay in an endorsement range below the CEO where they can gain influence to keep Lazarus safe, and that residents endorsing the CEO can rise to their legally instituted caps. LazAIM publishes and updates a list of where these three groups should aim to keep their endorsement levels and helps assist them in reaching these goals through World Assembly development campaigns.

Hey, this dispatch has like no formatting (as in, it has absolutely zero formatting) because I'm so done with formatting but the info that is needed is here so get hyped! :)

What endorsement levels LazAIM is currently working towards:

CEO ~ moar
Security Auditors ~ 160-170
Residents (endorsing the CEO) ~ 100-120

Schedule key:

RTG = region-wide telegram asking people to join the WA if they haven't already and endorse the CEO+Sec Auditors who are below their aim (should always be coupled with some other stuff in tg so you're not blowing smoke in the face of people who are already endoing everyone)

NTG = telegram to non-WA people asking them to join the WA and endorse the CEO+Sec Auditors who are below their aim (using -tag:WA)

WTG = telegram to those in the WA who aren't endorsing the CEO asking them to endorse the CEO+Sec Auditors who are below their aim (done manually using Moose lists)

WDM = mention through a dispatch those in the WA who aren't endorsing the CEO asking them to endorse the CEO+Sec Auditors who are below their aim (Moose lists)

WPM = mentions through a post on the RMB those in the WA who aren't endorsing the CEO asking them to endorse the CEO+Sec Auditors who are below their aim (Moose lists)

OWTG = telegram to those over 10 endos that aren't endorsing CEO asking them to endorse him/her or face dire consequences mebbe

Hello! I just noticed your endorsements have risen above your legal cap (currently 10). If you endorse CEO [nation]Treadwellia[/nation] you will be allowed up to 120 endorsements so please do that as soon as possible (click his nation, scroll down, and hit the "endorse" button)! Once you've done that he and others will make sure they're endorsing you back. :)

If you have any questions about endorsements or other NationStates stuff please don't hesitate to ask! Thanks!

OTG = telegram to those over 120 endos asking them to either ask people to un-endorse them or resign WA


May 7 - RTG, OWTG
May 21 - WDM, NTG, OTG
June 4 - WPM, NTG

This is vague but what I'm sort of thinking to do.. dates will probably vary/things will change a bit based on tgs sent out by gov folks etc but going to try to keep a log so we're not over-doing it sometimes and just not reaching out at all other times.

(hey look, a formatting thing kinda)
Read dispatch


LazENDO is a monthly event created to help those endorsing the CEO reach their endorsement cap. At the beginning of the event, possible participants will be given lists of people to endorse and those who endorse everyone on their list will be granted special recognition.

about | results | join | faq

Hello and welcome!

LazENDO is a monthly endorsement event that helps those supporting the CEO gain more endorsements. This keeps Lazarus more secure and gives a reason for the insomniacs among us to stay awake! Supporters are asked at the beginning of the event to endorse a list of others endorsing the CEO. Those who do are given recognition on the regional page (..if there's space at least :P ) and a chance at being appointed a Regional Officer for the following week!

Many thanks to all those who participated in the November event! While we've had more nations complete the event before (I'm afraid it's decreased attention spans rearing an ugly head :O), this month set a record for overall participation!

Voila the lovely nations that endorsed everyone! <3 I hope you aren't too sleep deprived!

The Illusian Empire
Lake flotillas
Sophisica - the lucky mustard!
Kan po
The Sigometh Dynasty
Guiness Freaks
Burning Pants

These beautiful chaps also helped out! :) The bolded names are of folks who endorsed a ton of people, but must have fallen asleep before they got done. :o

United Federal Directorate of the Vierre, Winx club, Greater Hopeville, Eligation, Dominikwa, Nippon Shotou Teikoku, Cauteria, New Canadian Military Junta, Cossack Peoples, Vadia, Qacimena, Sletho, Bravenewworld, Perchan, Aleckandor, Frankish Peoples, Aletian, Brohacci, Runwater, Androidistan, Lingord, Stevoria, Mzeusia, Temmi, Astalen, New taiko, Glorious Society, Roridat, Versail, The copper states, Emperor PJ, Lugmeltistan, Mussoliniburg, Sombrassino, Fetra, Boltenine, Steel Vagabonds, Outancotietrothis, Rangers Brotherhood, Sneyland, Great saksala, Shalohite, Erlyia, Issrak-om, Mo-Po-Lo-Jo-To-Jo, Mordant, Vuchaudor, Misarchia, Baelju, Volac, The Salvation States, Manaric, Wishper, Port Flynt, Yaorozu, Aeisonia, Baltim, Sharps inc, Marcellinople, Pazair, Praenestia, Axixic, Shadowra, Ithania, The Rhein States, Aigania, Vri, Snoodum, Ergtrini, Glorious stocking, Leton, Fissure town, The united federations of terra, Mainze, Quintes, Letnem, The utopian initiative, Glass Heart, Nova Zemlya, Margandy, Andyr, Dernel, Turkish-ottoman, Calicate, True Prosperity, Middle ketalia, Alasanto, Darkium, Mathovia empire, Auralon, Serlanda, Denado, Ireland isles, Sireco, New Roakia, Grand Place, United sunni emirate, Nargorthia, Haleai, Oberonia minor, Halliway, Tashnsis, Tolfaer, Dominatiatives, Northern Rosary Isles, Othan, HAVE WAR NOT PEACE, Brmty, Caldariat, Friaritat, Hraban, Kamikaze89, The peoples hydration, Ecchi Unlimited, Greygard, Jiqiren, Bobs raider puppet, The Daedric Lords, Uhanda, Teopolis, Empyia, -united states of america, Sinasura, Courlany, Diviteara, Laporter, Chidorigan, Hajima, Altmar, Saundie, Mireze and NoDrugCrimeTown

We now also have a record amount of nations with over 100 endorsements! Hip hip hurray for strength in strong numbers.

Lake flotillas
The Sigometh Dynasty
Lazarene Ryccia
Guiness Freaks
Burning Pants
Steel Vagabonds
Killer Kitty
Kan po
The rin mang
Shangri-la valley
Aguaria Major
The New California Republic

You thought looking at results sounded like an easy thing to do, didn't you? Well, I'd like to suggest you grace these Lazarenes vith an endorsement as this event concludes. =) They endorsed CEO Treadwellia while the the event was on-going and could use some love!

Flames Grace, United sunni emirate, Cieran, The nightoragolia, Korbana, and Greater new eurasia!


Wondering how you could be part of next month's event? First, do the following things (and shoot me a telegram if you need help)!

  • Join the World Assembly (click the Apply to Join button and then follow the instructions it gives you to get in)

  • Endorse CEO Treadwellia (scroll down the nation page and you'll see an Endorse button there if you're in the WA - click it!)

If you've done that, you'll get a telegram when the next event happens with instructions on how to participate. Hope to see you there!


*stares at you all challenging you to ask a question more than once*

Read dispatch

You'll need:

to be in Lazarus
a neat idea that you're willing to take to the moon
good vibes

Send us a telegram about it and if we think it sounds lit Laz OS will sponsor your project and help ensure its success! =)