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Raiding History

Nation: Eumaeus
The Black Hawks Service No.: #855
Date Joined TBH: March 28, 2015
Returned to Active Duty: May 3, 2019
Rank: Corporal

Raiding History:

3-24-15 Major: 42 Hits
3-25-15 Promotion: TBR Private First Class
3-25-15 Major: 27 Hits
3-26-15 Major: 27 Hits
3-27-15 Minor: 20 Hits
3-27-15 Major: 52 Hits
4-22-15 Minor: 44 Hits
4-22-15 Promotion: TBR Corporal
5-6-15 Promotion: DEN Sergeant

Link5-15-15 Minor: 21 Hits
6-4-15 Minor: 21 Hits
6-21-15 Minor: 22 Hits
7-31-15 Promotion: DEN Lieutenant

8-20-15 Promotion: TBH Private First Class

Link9-4-15 Major: 15 Hits
9-5-15 Minor: 4 Hits
9-21-15 Minor: "Tag Raided" The West Pacific
9-23-15 Major: Single Hit Occupation in the Greater German Reich with The Red Fleet
9-30-15 Minor: 24 Hits
12-2-15 Major: 4 Hits
12-5-15 Major: Single Hit Occupation in Middle Earth with The Black Hawks
1-9-16 Major: 15 Hits
1-20-16 Minor: 18 Hits
1-21-16 Promotion: BoSS Spearman
1-28-16 Minor: 18 Hits
2-5-16 Major: Single Hit Occupation in NeoConfederate States of America
Link2-16-16 Minor: 30 Hits
Link2-17-16 Minor: 30 Hits
Link2-18-16 Minor: 14 Hits
Link3-1-16 Minor: 35 Hits
3-2-16 Minor: 26 Hits
Link3-3-16 Minor: 38 Hits
3-8-16 Minor: 22 Hits
Link3-9-16 Minor: 82 Hits (Personal Record)
3-26-16 Award: DEN Regional Officer
4-2-16 Promotion: Hydra Captain

4-15-16 Promotion: Hydra Major General

6-4-16 Major: Single Hit Occupation in The Place that has No Big Banks (Occupation Point)
7-6-16 Election: Hydra Deputy Director

Link7-30-16 Major: 5 Hits
8-14-16 Major: Single Hit Occupation in Heroes Rise with The Black Hawks
8-16-16 Major: 2 Hits
Link8-30-16 Major: Single Hit Occupation in Nasicournia
Link9-1-16 Major: Single Hit Occupation in Dank Memes
9-1-16 Election: Hydra Deputy Director

Link9-11-16 Major: 13 Hits
9-17-16 Major: 5 Hits
Link9-27-16 Major: 18 Hits
Link10-1-16 Minor: 3 Hits
10-8-16 Major: Single Hit Occupation in Mediterranean
10-23-16: Single Hit Occupation in Belgium (Occupation Point)
11-1-16 Appointment: Hydra Director

11-5-16 Major: Single Hit Occupation in St Abbaddon with The Black Hawks
11-14-16 Appointment: Hydra Major General

11-25-16 Major: Single Hit Occupation in Vermont with Firehelm
Link5-11-19 Minor: 5 Hits
5-1-19 Major: Single Hit Communism Is Life with Look Away
Link6-24-19 Major: 11 Hits
6-25-19 Major: 26 Hits
Link7-13-19 Major: 6 Hits
Link7-14-19 Minor: 5 Hits
7-16-19 Major: 27 Hits
7-20-19 LinkPromotion: TBH Corporal

8-30-19 Major: 34 Hits
Total Hits: 824

General Awards:

The Black Hawks Occupation Feathers:

The Black Hawks Feather

Japan Occupation Feather

Communist Alliance Occupation Feather

Anarchy Occupation Feather

Space Occupation Feather

The Dank Meme Alliance Occupation Feather

The Western Colonies Occupation Feather

Azhukali Occupation Feather

Westphalia Occupation Feather

Former Memberships:

Nation: We Are Not the NSA
HYDRA Command Service No.: #30
Date Joined: January 19, 2016
Rank: Major General
Division: High Command

DEN Service No.: #37
Date Joined DEN: May 8, 2015
Rank: Lieutenant
Division: Update Raiders
DEN Bureau of Foreign Affairs Rank: Attaché

Brotherhood of Shadows Service No.: #30
Date Joined BoSS: January 19, 2016
Rank: Spearman

The Black Riders Service No.: #2670
Date Joined TBR: January 28, 2014
First Tag Raid: March 24, 2015 Major
Rank: Corporal

The Black Riders Occupation Ribbons:

DEN Occupation Ribbons:

Brotherhood of Shadows Occupation Ribbons:

HYDRA Command Occupation Ribbons:

The Nohbdy of Eumaeus