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Laws of the Imperium

Law of regulation:
1 Don't hurt other people.

2 Don't take other people's stuff.

3 Don't cuss.

4 Don't be inactive.

5 Don't mutiny.

Law of right:

1 Freedom to do all the things out side of the Law of regulation.

2 Freedom to run for office.

3 Freedom to hold office as long as the citizens see fit.

Law of active:

1 All members must post, or show some public sign of activity as often as possible, with in the boundaries of a week.

2 Any member that is deemed inactive will be ejected but not banned.

3 Any region that makes an embassy with the Empire must also post at least once a week on the Empire's regional message board.

4 Any representatives or ambassadors that join the Empire must also follow the same law.

5 If a member is ejected for in activity, they are allowed to rejoin the empire.

Law of government:

1 The government is not allowed to take on any marxist ideals or policies.

2 The government has the right to form and maintain a military.

3 The citizens have the right to depose and reform the government if it breaks any of these laws.

4 The government has the write to eject or ban anyone that breaks these laws.

5 The government is not allowed to add to this document with out the approval of the citizens of this Empire.