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Regional Map and Such

Many nations united in one cause

The region of The Democratic Republic has a RolePlay map called de finibus, which is latin for Frontier. The Map and forum to Role play can be found here.
De finibus:


  • Rules

    RolePlay Charter
    • All nations get an initial claim on the map

    • A nation may claim up to one territory claim every two days.

    • To expand, a nation must Roleplay at least 8 sentences detailing their expansion or activity. It should be Fun and full of details.

    • In addition to the RolePlay that involves claiming something, players are encouraged to RolePlay events their nations are involved in, either domestic or international.

    • In a war many factors shall be taken into consideration including GDP, Land size and Location. A nation may invade only one territory per day in a war.

    • Players can not skip over unclaimed territories to claim a territory that they specifically want. The only way a player can claim a far away territory is if it's directly across the sea or conquering the lands leading up to the territory the player wants to claim.

    • The amount you have to RolePlay will be determined by the size of your claim in GDP. A claim of up to 2 trillion in GDP will require 4 sentences of RolePlay and a claim higher than 2 trillion in GDP will require 10 sentences of RolePlay.

    • The States within the U.S. territory shall be separated into distinctively separate territories.

  • RolePlay

    Role Play may be done on the


Name of Nation



Nation (U.S.)

$ Trillion

Government type

Agreements and Treaties

The Security Council, also known as the "Group of four", is the gathering of the four most industrialized nations in the map. This group is currently comprised of .......... The "Group of four" gathers to discuss concerns on the map and international law. The Themes of the Council are Building a more peaceful and secure world, Preparing for jobs of the future and Investing in growth that works for everyone.