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Relationships to help you understand CCMU

Everyone is MCU unless said otherwise

Aunt May Parker- (dead), Hince the adoption. Not hot Aunt version from MCU but old woman

Peter Parker Stark/ Spiderman- Adopted son of Tony and Pepper Stark/ boyfriend of Mary Jane Watson, spider son of black widow, Friend of Harry Osborne and Gwen Stacy, Lab buddy to Bruce Banner.

Mary Jane Watson- Girlfriend of Peter Parker Stark, Friend of Harry Osborne, Gwen Stacy, and Wanda Maxorof. (While Genger from comics and 2000's movies)

Tony Stark/ Iorn man- Peters Dad and husband of Pepper.

Peeper Potts Stark-wife of Tony/ CEO of Stark industrys, Peter's mom.

Natasha Romanoff/ Black widow- ex Assassin, Avenger, Mama Spider to Peter. Wife of Bruce Banner/ Hulk

Bruce Banner/ Hulk- Avenger, Doctor, Scientist, Peters Lab Buddy, Nat's husband.

Harry Osborne- friend of Petter, and MJ, boyfriend of Gwen Stacy.

Gwen Stacy/ Spider Gwen- Friend of Peter, MJ, and Wanda. Girlfriend of Harry.

Captian America/ Steve Rogers- Husband of Peggy Carter, and uncle to Peter.

Peggy Carter Rogers- Wife of Steve, aunt of Peter.

Thor- god of thunder, Avenger, Peters Uncle, brother of Loki, boyfriend of Jane Foster.

Jane Foster- Girlfriend of Thor.

Loki- god of mischief, uncle of Peter, brother of Thor. Friend of Harry Osborne Gwen and MJ.

Wanda Maxoraf/ Scarlett Witch- Friend of Petter, Gwen, MJ, and Loki. Girlfriend of Vision, Avenger.

Vision- Avenger boyfriend of Wanda. friend of Loki, MJ, Harry, Gwen and Peter.

Camio carecters.

Ant-Man and the wasp go out, and are friends of the avengers.

Gardians of the Galaxy.
Same as MCU, but yondu is alive.