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Article for The Independant Newspaper

dAnother exciting week in the NHL has commenced!
For the past week the Scamblers cup, a tournament aiming at getting teams in the leauge to 14 games played. This week saw some historic feats as well. From the first shutout in leauge history to the most OT periods in a single week of play. Let's get started, shall we?

We begin with a game facing two of the original franchises in the Nationstates Hockey Leauge.
Kansas City Scouts @ Brooklyn Americans

The first period started off slow, with Kansas City taking an early lead over the home team 2-1. But, the Amerks, one of the top teams in the leauge would not have it. The Americans would take a 3-2 lead in the second period, using there stellar defense to shut the visiting team out in that period, while having their equally mesmerizing offense score two goals.
The scouts head coach would later state in a post game press conference, "I was vexed. We played so good in the first period and to just fall off like that was painful. I mean, they literally shut us down."
And alas, his team would start off the third period with an easy goal for the Amerks only 12 second into said period. But the scouts were resilient. They would not give up another goal for the remainder of the game. The scouts would go ahead and Rush across the ice, where he would score a goal, only 24 seconds in to the game. The scouts would have to wait until the end of the period, with only 14 seconds left and facing another painful loss, Chuck areas on would rush up the court, and swing his stick, hitting the puck and into the goal with only 4 second remaining! The Amerks would take a swing and horribly miss it as the buzzer goes off, signaling A SO/OT. The scouts would manage to pull off the victory In the fourth shootout period. The final score: 5-4 Scouts S/O

The next game is the inaugural game of the Sacramento Vipers. They joined the leauge a few days before the Scrambler Cup tournament began.
Boston Bruins @ Sacramento Vipers

The game began slow, whitch would be a recurring thing for the rest of the competition. The Bruins came close at one point, when one of there Right wings came with in a few feet of the goal, but the Vipers unexpierenced goalie would stop him. The same thing would continue in the second and third periods, beggining overtime with a score of 0-0, and since the scrambler cup had the roles modified just for this occasion, so that there would be shootouts instead of Overtime periods. Meaning that the leauge was about to witness its first shutout. And eventually the crowd at the Golden 1 center would get what they want. The Sacramento Viper would win there first game of existence, shutting out the Boston Bruins, the third best team in the leauge by the amazing and exciting score of 1-0 in a shootout. The owner of the Buffalo Sabres would later jokingly say, "The vipers came in with a bite."

Columbus Bluejackets @ Hamilton Tigers

The Bluejackets would travel to Hamilton for there first game of the cup tournament. The first period would go scoreless, proving the experts right that this game would be full of defense just like the one the previous night at the Golden 1 Center in Sacramento. The second period would prove similar, but the BJ's would prove strong, with standout rookie Luke Kiss scoring. The Tigers would open the third period out strong, rushing down the ice, only making two passes before the crowd would begin, "SCORE!" The Bluejackets would call a timeout before Luke Kiss would once again rush down the ice to score his second goal of the game. With very little time left, the Tigers would take a swing at the puck towards the net
, but alas, it would prove unimportant , as they would not only miss, but foul and put the Bluejackets in power play, where they would then score. Ending the game, 2-1 Bluejackets.

Boston Bruins @ San Jose Sharks

The Boston Bruins would kick off there second game of the cup with there second road game, traveling a few miles south to San Jose, where they would play the Sharks of San Jose at the San Jose Arena. Just like the Bruins last game, defense would dominate the first period, concluding the first period with a score of 0-0. But the Bruins would come back, scoring the first goal of the game in the second period, ending it with a score of 1-0. Thomas Hertl and the Sharks would prove resilient in the third though, with Thomas Hertl scoring not one, but both of the Sharks goal. But, the Bruins would rush down the ice on a power play, scoring, pushing the game into a shoot out when the Bruins would once again miss an important last few seconds goal. The shootout would last a few sets, but eventually the Sharks would prove victorious at there home arena, proving that the California Heat is more powerful than the New England cold, ending the game at 3-2.

Sacramento Vipers @ Hamilton Tigers

The Sacramento Vipers second ever game would continue, this time with the, traveling all the way to Ontario. The Vipers would continue to bite with relentless Offense and defense, scoring the first goal of the game in the first period, making the score one to nil. By the second period Hamilton was just simply over run by the Vipers, would increase their lead to 2-0. But, you must never under estimate your fellow competitors strength, as the Tigers would come back scoring two back to back goals within the first minute of the period. The vipers would not withdraw there venom though, as their stellar offense would rush down the ice with like rockets on there way to the moon, scoring all three times, ending the game with a score of 5-2. Shortly after the game the owner of the Vipers in a post game press conference would remark that his team was qoute, "[we] are overachieving!"

Columbus Bluejackets @ San Jose Sharks

The Bluejackets and Sharks and Sharks second game of the tournament would commence at the San Jose arena late at night. The BJ's would start off strong with a 2-0 lead early, ending the second period with said score, 2-0. The Sharks would not give up, using there talented youth to score there first point of the game, whitch would turn out to be there lone score of the period. Both teams defenses would prove to be rather 'iffy' in the third period, as the BJ's defense would be dismantled by the Sharks speed in the first few seconds, tying the game up 2-2. But the same would occur to the Sharks defenses. The Bluejackets would juke and break the ankles of the western teas, player, hitting the puck in to the goal, going under the goalies legs, and missing his hands, giving the Bluejackets of Columbus and one point lead over the Sharks of San Jose. For the rest of the period both teams would ruthlessly battle it out, with several fights unfolding over apposing players. But, the Sharks would end up losing, 3-2 at home.

San Jose Sharks @ Sacramento Vipers

A game between the two California teams commenced around 5:00 when the refs dropped the puck to start it. The Sharks would start off strong, proving resilient at there rivals energetic arena, scoring the first goal of the game near the middle of the first period. This would be the Climax of the period, as the remainder of it would be filled with melancholy defense and poor offense. The second quarter would result in two more goals, though. The Sharks would score there second goal of the game in the early seconds of the game, giving them a 2-0 lead over the Vipers. But, the Vipers never give up easily, proving many people right, scoring a goal, making it 2-1. The third period would be rather hard to watch, as multiple mistakes and screw ups would occur, ending the period a tie, pushing it into a shoot out. The shootout period would result in a tight race back and fourth, making shots, followed by the other teams making shots (whitch results in Both points being cancelled out, like a negative integer multiplied by another negative integer.) But the crowd at the Golden 1 Center would end up witnessing there teams first ever loss, as the Sharks would end it out, 3-2 in a shootout.

Hamilton Tigers @ Brooklyn Americans

The Americans second game of the cup would start at home against the Tigers up north. The Americans would start off very strong, dismantling the Tigers defense, ending the inaugural period with a score of 2-0. And the second period would be nothing differant, proving steadfast at there goal in winning. Ending the second period with. Score of 3-0. The owner of the Tigers would later state, "We knew that this would be a challenge. The Americans are the best team in the leauge, we just were not prepared." That unpreparedness would continue to show as the third period would commence. The Americans would score two more goals early in the period, as the there second and third line players would get some playing time. But, the Tigers of Hamilton would not give up, and would not let those dirty Americans down south shut them out, managing to score a goal, ending the game at the buzzer, 5-1, Americans.

Kansas City scouts @ Boston Bruins

The scouts of the Plains would travel to Boston of Massachusetts, home of the Bruisn for the last game of the week. The scouts would shut out the sounds of the crowd, scoring early in the first, making it 1-0. The scouts defense would continue to rule strong in the second quarter, managing to keep there offense at full strength as well. The scouts would score a goal at the 5 minute mark., making it 2-0. But the Bruins would not go down easily. In between fights and brawls on the ice, the Bruins would score there first points, 2-1. Ending the third period. But, maybe the scouts were playing two hard and exhausting themselves, as everything impressive that scouts showed before fell apart in the last period, as the Bruins would shut them out in that period.
The Bruins would score early and string, making the scouts look dumb and simply bad. This would be followed by another at 2 minutes, another at the 5 minute mark, and another at 7. Ending this bad iand fourth game at a score of 5-2.