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NationStates Currency Exchange


NationStates Currency Exchange (NSCE) is the standard organisation to appoint currency values to different regions.

How is the currency value appointed?

The values is appointed according to a fixed formula.

The currency values are given with respect to a hypothetical currency value 'NationStates Primary Currency',also called as 'NPC'.

Formula For Calculating Currency Value

1 Regional Currency Value=

(GDP Per Capita of Region)10000 NPC

The NPC is taken as the least valued currency.

Will the currency value for different regions permanently fixed?

No,as the regional stats change,the currency values will also change.The respective currency values will be updated every week.

How would you determine the GDP Per Capita of a Region?

We would be using LinkNS Economy for this purpose.

How do you name different currencies?

The general nomenclature followed for naming different currencies is:

1.The first three letters of a region's name is taken as currency name.

2.If a region's name contains more than one word,first letters of different words will be combined to form currency name.

3.For more clarification,links to the regions will be provided in the currency names.

My region too wants to be a part of this program.

Sure,just telegram Hindu Mahasabha.

1 TWC=3.10 NPC ⬇️0.06
1 DRF= 3.09 NPC ⬆️0.24
1 IND= 2.79 NPC ⬇️0.02
1 HRT= 2.61 NPC
1 UP= 2.32 NPC
1 LAL= 1.83 NPC
1 NMU=1.49 NPC
1 GAS=0.76 NPC

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