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The Imperial Journal - May 2019


Legio Pacifica & PG Rank Separation

Japanese schoolgirls

Early April sees the official separation of Legio Pacifica and Praetorian Guard (PG) ranks. A move authorized by the Praetor and the Censor (with supervision from the Emperor and Consul), Praetorian ranks will cease to overlap with Legio ranks. This would mean that Praetorians who had Legio officer status due to their admission into the PG will no longer have it. However, they are able to retain their status should they continue to participate in Legio activities and operations.

Not much has changed when it comes to the ranks themselves and the criteria for moving up the ladder in Legio. A Recruit tag has been introduced to the Legio and are for personnel who just joined the department. The reforms on promotion criteria made in March are still in place. All PG personnel however will lose the rank that they attained before the separation and will be reassigned to ranks that tally up with their qualifications solely as a Legio personnel. The forum badges themselves will receive some amendments due to the similarities between the Legio and PG forum badgesí aesthetics.

The Praetorian Guard will remain invite-only, as it has always been since 2017 whilst the Legioís rank and file receives a clearer understanding of the qualifications and hierarchy. The Praetorian Guard is a department of NS NPO that handles most of the internal security of the region whilst Legio is the acting militaristic department of the Pacific. Whilst the PG is a department with strict requirements, joining the Legio requires no other prerequisites other than your WA. Contact Shnailand or Xoriet for more information on how to join the Legio Pacifica.


Getting To Know The Senate - Pierconium


Presenting the newest series by the Imperial Journal - a feature article every edition that allows our very own Senators to introduce themselves to the entire region whilst also elaborating more on their roles and responsibilities within the Pacifican administration. Ever wondered what the Tribune is all about or what kind of games our Consul play? Look no further for this series might hold the answers to the very questions you have about the enigmatic Senate. We shall be kicking the series off with our very own Pierconium!


I joined NS initially after seeing the link posted on a PC game community site. Canít remember which game it was specifically the first time I joined - possibly Age of Empires. Initially I didnít like it and let my initial nation die. I then saw it posted again a few months later on the Rise of Nations site and the write-up talked a bit about going beyond the issues so I gave it another try.

The Regent is primarily a place-holder position for the unlikely event the Delegate goes inactive. It is also meant to serve as an added level of defense for the region, amassing enough Influence to thwart any invasion or coup attempts. The Consul, which is the Senate Office generally held by the Regent, is tasked with speaking on behalf of the Order and the Emperor when they are not immediately available and for leading the Senate, providing direction and insight as needed.

Iíve played NS for over 16 years. During that time I have given up a career, returned to university, earned a PhD and started working as a university lecturer. Throughout that transition I have observed changes in the game that correlate to RL shifts in culture and society, some good, some bad. For myself, I still see it as just a game that I play occasionally to pass the time. Outside of the game, I enjoy the occasional game of CKII, playing complicated board games (Feast for Odin is a current favourite), going to the cinema (a lot), and spending time outdoors. Iím an avid hiker and traveller.


The Vox Populi
Christopher klein

On February 22nd of this year, our illustrious Emperor Lord of Darkness announced to the Body Republic that elections would be held for the new position of Vox Populi, or Senator of the People. This new position is intended to be a bridge between the leadership of The Order and the rank and file members of the Body Republic, among other duties like keeping an up-to-date roster of members of The Order, and running votes taking place in the Body Republic.

Nominations to run were accepted for a period of time, after which, those who were qualified to run and accepted nominations released campaign platforms, and the election itself took place.

Below are the main tenets of each of those who campaigned;

WesleyWestland: Reducing the deficit, Maintaining Order, No further democratic elements or power to elected officials, and The Vox Populi should only be a representative of Pacificans.

Roquentin: Holding regular community events and competitions, Offsite participation awards, Heralding of the VP position and encouraging increased involvement in Pacifican politics, and additional Q&As.

Samasbhi: Communicating developments and changes across Pacifica and NS as a whole quickly to the Body Republic, Being a sounding board for ideas, Additional input from the Body Republic in the area of government structure and changes, and increasing gameside. involvement.

Glealian: Establishing an inter-provincial RP, Holding additional Q&A sessions, Work with the Cultural Committee, and Maintain a daily presence on the RMB.

After all was said and done, and voting was complete, Comrade Roquentin was declared the winner of this unprecedented election. Recently, I had a chance to sit down with Comrade Senator Roquentin and discuss his new new position!

Mouse: Thank you for taking the time to speak to me today! Just a few questions for you! Can you go tell me in depth about what your new job as Vox Populi entails?

Roq:Well, the main purpose of the role as outlined is to be a connection between the general membership and the Senate. As I am around pretty often, I am able to relay things or provide input based on conversations with members. There's an ambiguity as to how that's to take place. Most of the candidates including myself chose to interpret it as a complementary role to Community's and the culture committee despite it not being defined explicitly in such a manner.

Mouse: Do you feel that this new role in Imperial Politics could change the Pacifican government structure in the future?

Roq: No. It's mostly experimental and I don't think more voting or democratic procedures would be introduced. It provided a venue for those who participate to stand out more or make their voice heard via running or voting.

Mouse: As a member of the NPO in multiple branches, how does this role differ from other leadership positions you currently or have previously held?

Roq: It's a lot more ambiguous and not as defined as my other roles. In one case with another branch, I am the final authority while here it's more of a minister without portfolio along with ombudsman. I'm just a member in our other sister branch.

Mouse: Do you have any plans as of now to implement any community events and help foster a stronger NS NPO Community?

Roq: I've put together some plans already but with varying success. One was more frequent polls. One was more community-oriented contests and draws to participate on the offsite. The interests of the people who participate mostly in-game rather than offsite are hard to determine but I've always wanted to use them as a means to increase engagement. In the recent GoT poll, I was surprised that very few people watched it. It's potentially due to it being a younger demographic and GoT having been on and off since 2011. However, I have plans to introduce more community events like watch alongs if there's sufficient interest and more themed things while working alongside Community and the Culture committee to avoid stepping on toes. The huge issue remains figuring out how to appeal to the people who have limited participation so far but have the free time to be part of the NPO community.

Mouse: After being elected, have any of your campaign platform ideas changed or been modified?

Roq: No, most of what I intended to do has remained the same. I'm just hoping to ramp it up once I figure out what will work out. It's been chasing windmills so far and it's been hard to find an archimedean point. Once we have a foundation, maybe this will develop into a increasingly useful role. It's just been very difficult to bridge the gap between people who are active in the overall community and those who are not.

Mouse: Well, now that we are done with all my questions, is there anything you want to say about the job, or anything in general?

Roq: Well, a lot of people questioned the utility behind the position when it was introduced. I think it can have some utility, but we may want to revisit the concept at a certain point. I'm hoping to be able to achieve some progress in terms of community building, but we have to see whether the overall structure is working or if it's introducing a redundant element that clashes with existing Senate seats/departments. I've taken as much of hands-off stance when it's come to things that might intrude on otherís fields, but there can be a level of impotence that comes with that. To be honest, I tend to go all in when in gov, so it's been different playing a more peripheral role. I'm hoping to benefit the Pacific somehow despite the challenges of position. I hope I can contribute something positive and lasting while serving in this role.

Mouse: Alrighty! Thank you again for taking time out of your busy schedule to speak with me and to answer my questions!

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