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UPBC chronicle ISSUE #7: Anniversary edition

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  • Neviersian Propaganda Problems!

  • UP Cup and Olympic News!

  • War in Daarlerveen!

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West Ankaran Missle Troubles
By West Ankara

It was early in the morning off the coast of the Ankaran riverlands. Fishermen worked about the coast, dragging nets for their eventual harvest of the fruits of the sea. All was well, until a warning by the Ankaran Navy was broadcasted to any seaborne craft in the area. The warning stated that a pirate mothership, a ship used as a mobile forward operating base for pirates, had entered Ankaran waters; this prompted many shipping vessels and cruise liners to approach closer to the shore where they entered the protection of a nearby Sire Missile Platform.

The Sire Missile is an offensive / defensive weapon manufactured by the Attica Arms Corporation in an effort to provide a longer range method of delivering deadly, precise strikes on an enemy force without the need for artillery or aircraft. The stubby missile carries an explosive yield of around 500 tons, enough to wipe out an entire city block and leave the surrounding area heavily damaged. Naturally, the weapon is only meant to be used for its own conventional purposes, in fact, the crew manning the platform at the time were undergoing training on how to use the platform at a local military training facility; however, their training would soon determine the fate of of a lone pirate vessel.

The vessel in question was described by a spotting Fyrdsman as "old and rustic," having not seen care for "a good number of years." It carried a small force of 20-25 pirates, of which a few would man smaller motor boats suspended from the vessel's sides in order to carry out an attack on unsuspecting vessels. Earlier that week, a pirate vessel with the same description had unsuccessfully attacked a small cruise liner, being repelled from the ship when the security team on board fired off several rounds at their boats, driving them away. They remained in Ankaran commercial waters until the unthinkable occurred.

At 1300 hours, high ranking officers were briefed of the ship's presence. With such being an very uncommon occurrence, procedures with how exactly to deal with the problem were left in grey. Initially, it was proposed that a small task force of marines would board and seize the vessel, however, no Ankaran naval vessels or marines were near at the time. It was then when a certain Brigadier General Affré proposed the use of a Sire platform to rid themselves of the problem at hand quickly and effectively. With excitement brimming, there were no objections. The General made a point to send a message up to the Imperial Office of the Marshall himself to brief the Ankaran leader of the situation at hand, the Marshall considered the unusual proposal and quickly responded stating, "Use whatever force is necessary to rid our nation of any and every present threat." With that, the General gave the order and the missile was fired.

As a sudden burst of energy propelled the weapon forward, Ankaran locals marveled at the rare sight, many recording what had occurred. The Missile traveled 10km before it reached its target, detonating and completely destroying the ship in the process. What occurred afterward was a huge flare of water in the air, shrapnel would fly in all directions, and a twenty-five foot swell of water spread all around the explosion and dissipated into smaller waves. When the navy arrived at the detonation site to investigate, they found scattered pieces of a vessel, very few body parts, and several hundred dead fish.

The missile strike, though successful, was criticized by many Ankaran media outlets as "excessive force." Whatever the case, the executive decision made by General Affré resulted in a neutralized enemy of UP peace and a successful test for the Sire Missile. The days of swashbuckling men are over, order will prevail.

The Daarlervenian War
By Havadar

After the AUPLF (Armed Utopian People’s Liberation Front), the radical version of the UPLF who protests against the UP, invaded Latuaras and was beaten by the UP peacekeeping forces of Havadar, Daunlaund and Joushiki Nante Iranai, the organization concealed itself in Daarlerveen. Originally, the AUPLF comes from Daarlerveen and was established after Daarlerveen went bankrupt. The government resigned and parliament was dismantled. This proved to be an excellent chance for the AUPLF to take the power in their own hands. The motives of the AUPLF is to dismantle the UP by violence and military force. They don’t want the citizens of Daarlerveen to live in a region where Universal Pact countries surround it. `

The AUPLF, led by Shigdan Somali, was still licking its wounds after the failed attempt to conquer Latuaras. However, their leaders were still working on another chance to hit the UP. When Havadarian agents discovered this, Havadar disrupted these plans with a massive blow to the AUPLF. On 22 January, 150 Havadarian fighter jets took off from bases in Havadar and from the aircraft carrier HCS Norfan. Several artillery batteries also contributed. They hit more than 1000 targets and bulwarks of the AUPLF in Daarlerveen. The highest leader of the AUPLF, Shigdan Somali was killed in the operation.

As a result, the AUPLF came into disarray. Soon there was a power struggle going on in the highest ranks of the organization. Two generals had a totally different view on the future of the organization. The first one is the highest general, Atagyus Rasudièn, deputy leader of the AUPLF. He stays by his belief that the AUPLF must force all nations of the UP to leave this "corrupted" region. He doesnt want to negotiate but use force to get what he wants. His main goal is military domination. The other general (although more of a politician), is Vesco Stozin. His main goal is to revive Daarlerveen as a proud nation again and improve living conditions for all the people. He says the main task of the Daarlerveenian AUPLF is to take the power and make the nation stable again. This would also transform the AUPLF from a rebellious organization into the holders of a national states. Vesco Stozin also disapproves the use of violence against other nations. He says we must understand each other and talk together to get what we want.

After a friction between the two generals, Vresco Stozin decided on February 14 to form his own movement, he called the People’s Wing. His opponent, Atagyus Rasudièn reacted by calling his supporters and forming the Iron Front movement. The People’s Wing is more popular in the countryside, in the lower and poor classes. The organization is backed and sponsored by some former politicians and ministers of the Daarlerveenian government and parliament, a few army generals and a part of the former Daarlerveenian army. The Iron Front is more popular in the upper-classes, they are supported by the most AUPLF generals and a large part of the former Daarlerveenian army. The AUPLF organization is very divided among the two groups as well is the middle-class of Daarlerveen.

As tension between these two groups heated and discussion got fiercer, an armed conflict was imminent. The straw that broke the camel’s back was a drone attack on a motorcade of Atagyus Rasudièn. The drone struck the second car of the motorcade, where the brother of Atagyus, Dani was. All four men in the car were killed. The drone was taken down. Rasudièn himself escaped and was brought to safety. Shortly after, the People’s Wing claimed responsibility for the attack. This was the reason that on the 27th of February, the Iron Front declared war on the People’s Wing. The Iron Front ordered an arrest campaign of PW officials and many were brought to jail.

It became clear that the People’s Wing had prepared this all carefully. That same evening they armed their militia and captured some military bases of the Iron Front. There they got hold of a lot of military material which would prove handy in the fight. After this the People’s Wing militia stormed onto the heavily fortified city of Gheirestua in the north of Daarlerveen. The battle for this city began on March 1 and ended on March 12. It ended with a victory for the People’s Wing.

After this, the Iron Front finally had its troops on full strength. After months of skirmishes in the countryside, the Iron Front slowly gained the initiative and started offensive after offensive. Gradually it began to take more land and pushed the People’s Wing back. The People’s Wing retreated onto new defensive positions close to the border with Havadar.

The Iron Front started a barrage on the defence line of the People’s Wing. Accidentally, on April 20, one of these grenades was shot too far and landed on Havadarian soil, where it exploded in the small border town of Halest. It hit a house. Fortunately, nobody was in there. However, one bystander was injured. That same day, 3 Havadarian F-22 Raptor fighter jets bombed an anti-aircraft system, a supply base and a training camp.

This led to rising tensions in both countries. Especially when Daarlerveenian refugees wanted to enter Havadar and Daunlaund. After fierce debates in Havadarian parliament, the government has been hard pressed to take them in. However the president didn’t want that. Yet, because things were getting out of hand and left-wing parties were threatening to let the government collapse, they reached a compromise, with Havadar letting in 4,000 refugees. Strict security and background checks will be carried out to ensure that no AUPLF extremists are among them. In the Daunlaundic parliament (Dauntagè), it was decided that only 1,000 immigrants can enter the country, with extreme background checks. The refugees must take an integration course and learn the Daunlaundic way of life.

All UP countries condemned the grenade attack on Halest. A UP meeting was organized and its nations even discussed among themselves whether to go to war or not. On this meeting, it was concluded that peace must be valued above going to war and that both sides must stop the fighting. How they want to achieve this, is still to be asked. West Ankara has adopted a more aggressive stance, since a few West Ankaran journalists were taken hostage by the Iron Front. These journalists were reporting atrocities, like mass executions, committed by both sides. West Ankara threatened to launch a pre-emptive strike on Daarlerveen if the journalists were not freed. In the end, the Iron Front gave in and they released the journalists.

How this war will end, is still to be seen. Both sides are looking strong and are recruiting people for their own sake. Something this country desperately need is peace and welfare for its citizens. Hopefully, the future will bring this with it: a safer Daarlerveen with a democratic government who stabilizes the region.

UP CUP and Olympics News
By Daunlaund

The winter olympic games are an annual tradition in the UP. But recently orginisation has been slow. There are currently only six applicants for the winter games which have already been postponed multiple times. It is yet to be seen if the games will be played this year. It was announced recently that bidding would be opened soon but it is not certain how many bidders there will be. It might just be the case of waiting until the summer international olympics until the games actually start. The game orginisers may adress the issue soon but it has been pretty quiet on that front so far.
UP Cup
The UP Cup is a spectacle to behold. At the start and end of every year the UP Cup exites everybody in the Universal Pact. February's Cup saw Saint Pedro lift the cup amid stadium drama and rival countries fighting over more than football. This year the main bidders for the December Cup were Daunlaund and Berantoba. In the end Daunlaund was chosen to host the competition! Many speculate that Daunlaund might do better than usual in this tournament as many host nations go on to do well (Havadar 2018: semi finals, Saint Pedro 2019: winners) and Daunlaundic fans will be hoping for some good results amid two previous terrible runs in the competition. The UP Cup will next kick off in December 2019 so we have a while to wait. But while we wait i am sure that there will be tons of suprieses to help us bide our time until the next championship.

Neviersian Propaganda Problems
By Ivelboria (Neviersia)

It's almost the Universal Pact's first year anniversary. It's only been so long since the first few nations of Veropa have joined and became a member of the Universal Pact, a union where most members are located thousands of miles away. Neviersia was the very first member to not be either in the Utopias. Ambelviser soon followed. Initially, quite a significant minority of Neviersians opposed joining this union, but as time passed by, this would soon change. Today, the wide majority of Neviersians support the union, and wouldn't even think about leaving. Neviersia is renowned in the news for being one of the most peaceful and influential nations in the world, but in recent months, news regarding Neviersia has been for all the wrong reasons.

The first few events were back earlier this year in February, when it was early in the morning of Djurma. Everything went as normal in the capital city; people commuting to work, children getting their way to schools, and tourists sightseeing what Djurma has to offer. It was all peaceful. For the president of Neviersia, Judeau Danma, this clearly wasn't the case. In fact, it was quite the opposite. On the 26th of February, Danma had just woken up from what was only a few hours of sleep, stressed and anxious. This was because this was the third time that someone had tried to assassinate him. The news, as normal, spread across the entire country, and even other Veropans have heard of the situation. As soon as Judeau left his house, the streets were cramped full of journalists, chaotically pushing each other in an attempt to question the president. He didn't respond.

The citizens of Djurma expressed their thoughts on major social media platforms, such as Twitter and Youtube, thinking that the guy was an "anti-UPer". The use of #SaveNeviersia on Twitter has increased by 70% in the past few months. A user on twitter in particular said: "With the anti-UP controversy rising, combined with the fact that Judeau is a big big UP supporter, there's a high chance that this guy was an anti-UPer. #SaveNeviersia".

A similar situation happened a week prior to the event, another on the 17th of February. Thus, not being the first occurrence, something had to be done. The Djurmaian police then explained that the borders surrounding Djurma will have higher security checks, to ensure that no-one would potentially be suspicious do anything out of the law.

In late April this year, Danma moved out of Djurma temporarily, to go somewhere in Southern Washtuse or Northern Manima. The reason is due to the safety concerns regarding the constant attempts of assassinations that happened earlier in February, and because of the controversy with the anti-UP propaganda, Judeau Danma fears that there may be anti-UP citizens trying to do the same.

April is known for currently having the most cases of reported "propaganda", predominantly going against the Universal Pact. Western Neviersia has been badly hit with the propaganda, especially the "Big 6" province, which are Washtuse, Manima, Jasmania, Saqlazaen, Fliffue, and Jaxabonme, "the economical stars" as most people say. These 6 provinces have stated that they will all focus on ensuring and informing that their citizens about the issue regarding the propaganda, and to be careful of what they see on the news, or what other people say. The Utopian Provinces in Northern Utopia have also been badly affected. 3% of the population of Alberta, the most populated province, have moved into the mainland, most likely because of the propaganda. The provinces here will also the same. In Eastern and Southern Neviersia, such propaganda hasn't been heard of yet. However, the provinces here have announced that they have already planned what to do in case such thing happens.

In late April, Acrians and Knarbergs in Neviersia witnessed what seemed to be an endless crowd of Sheplanians crossing the Neviersia-Sheplania land border, screaming in absolute terror and fear.

The first instance was when a crowd of Sheplanians, mainly young children, coming into the border city of D'Empaïs Krýstelle in Acres. The inhabitants of the city were in peace and quiet, isolated from the other major cities of Neviersia. It wasn't until a public warning that people have reported what seemed to be a crowd of people running into the border. The faces of these people were unidentifiable and were in all-black. Therefore, the announcement informed everyone to go inside, in case the people were dangerous. As the crowd came entered Neviersia, police forces were blocking the main entrances into the city. Although, as they saw their faces, they realised something: they were all children. The public were informed that it was safe and that they can go back outside. The children, of ages four to eighteen, were all suffering from the cold, and so the city provided them shelter.

The second was when another group - of mixed ages - was seen crossing the border.

Whilst the main reason as to why these people came in, a few people have claimed that there were huge unknown groups chanting "something", and killing people and burning people's houses, and trying to take people's children away. The Neviersian government has discussed the problem with Sheplania and they've concluded that the groups have not been identified, and that they're tracking them down. The nation of Ambelviser has received similar action back in May last year, but it was not as severe as the situation in Sheplania, and the problem there was already solved. However, the groups were yet again unidentified.

Judeau Danma has explained in a speech on Monday that "This is the longest period of absolute peace we've (as Veropans) had in a long time. I will not let anything or anyone break this peace, and I will ensure that the Neviersian Republic remains in the Universal Pact".

Anniversary here we come!
By Daunlaund

It's come so fast! Yes, the Universal Pact has been around gor a whole year! And this small little region has done so much in its short lifespan that we thought that we would have to do something for this special region in true UP fashion. Which of course means a huge party! There will also be a new (temporary) regional flag and speeches from the original founders and our Delegate, there will be an anniversary RP which you can all join in on Linkhere!. There will be lots of stuff going on in our main discord server too so be sure to drop by. Happy birthday UP! You wonderful region.

New Utopia Design
By Daunlaund

A few weeks ago one of our citizens Mark Unread was unhappy with the design of the Utopia currency He wanted to make a fresh new design for the 16 member states that use it. This phase of the utopia would now feature people and a more modern look. The designs were a big hit for the people of the Universal Pact.

Here are some of the designs

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