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by The Spanish Imperium of Texasiva. . 6 reads.

History of Texasiva

Texasiva was a subject of the Gresk Empire, we contributed the military personnel and their equipment, our lands would reach east all the way to coast and North to the Rivers and mountains. Our fertile lands would maintain a population of 42 billion.

Over time a rivalry between the 3 largest families, De la Cruz, Borquez, & Franco would form, the largest being De la Cruz who controlled vast lands in the East the families would each have their paramilitaries fight . However with this came ambition which went against the crown. As the millennium came around there came revolution across the Gresk Empire, and oporuntiy presented itself for the De la Cruz family who declared independence consisting of 1/2 of Texasiva landmass and population this conflict would last 36 years. Allowing only a few million volunteers to be sent to help Gresk.

The Cruz family would push northwest, squishing the Borquez family, the battle of Zaragazi would be the 1st large battle between Borquez and Cruz forces resulting in the destruction of 86% of the city and the death of 7 million military personnel. Borquez forces would start using backhand blow tactics, they worked for the first 7 months but Cruz generals would soon learn and prevent their forces from stretching to thin. Cruz forces would continue it's vast offensive reaching the outskirts of Atlanta. However the Borquez and Franco family seeing defeat around the corner team up and would prepare the defense of Atlanta with 22 million men, 142,000 artillery pieces, 210,000 Tanks and over 80,000 aircraft. Atlanta being the capital & the 2nd largest living center in Texasiva Would make it crucial for the war.
The battle itself would last 2 years starting with Cruz forces surrounding the city. Building to building, entire sectors reduced to ruble and flattened. However coalition forces (Franco and Borquez) would finally be able to help the besieged and counter attack Cruz forces surrounding over 64 million forces. The battle would cost a total of 4.7 billion lives but would mark the turn of the war.
Coalition generals would start operation Jupiter which would be a massive frontal counter attack with plans of reaching coordinates 52.16 within 6 years, they knew Cruz still had hundreds of millions and the war was far from over. As the 26th year of the war came around both sides ditch their "rules" of war and honor. This would result in hundreds of massacres committed by both sides, civilian deaths would sky rocket over 23 billion. Slow but sluggish fighting would occur for another 7 years until coalition forces finally reached the Cruz capital which the final and largest battle of the war, Carlonia would be unrecognizable after the 3 year siege which would cost the lives of 7 billion people, most of which who were 13 year old soldiers. Texasivas families were scraping the barrel and accepting volunteers ranging from 12-80 year olds. Over a hundred million men would take part in the attack, and even more in the defense as a orgy of rape, murder, and unspeakable acts would take place during and after. The war destroyed any morals within the population and created a generation of beasts along with the death of 18/19 of the population probably due to the fact most of them were given a gun and had to fight. We'd have to abandon most of the lands east due to the war.

Most of the Cruz family would be held accountable and executed. Others would be able to escape to unknown areas around delta.

Recovering from the Civil war