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MDA Regional Holidays!

January 1st: New Years
January 6th: Dragon's Birthday
January 18th: Germany Founded
February 12th: Legion's Birthday
April 21st: Easter
April 24th: The Legion of Mankind Founded & DeltaSource Founded
April 25th: Kumari Kandum Founded
April 27th: Turtle Town Founded, Dragons of Power Founded, & Emer's Birthday (Yay!)
May 4th: Star Wars Day
June 14th: New Makasta Founded
June 30th: Savior's Day (Good Job Kumari)
July 4th: America Founded
July 18th: Kumari's Birthday
August 27st: Monarch & Democratic Alliance Birthday!
October 15th: Emer's & Dragon's Anniversary :)
October 31st: Halloween
November 3rd: Godzilla's Birthday
November 12th: Emercondia Founded
November 20th: RP Anniversary
November 28th: Turtle's Birthday
December 24th: Christmas Eve
December 25th: Christmas Day