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by The Grand Empire of Alpes a Septentrionali imperium. . 484 reads.

What this nation is. (only a little bit of this is serious info and lore; its mostly maps and jokes. Just don't read this unless you really want to)

This nation is basically just my version of the French empire I made it into by accident. but I like it this way so here a map of the First French Empire to imagine what the nation looks like. Edit this nations first flag was the British Antarctic territory and I originally wanted to make this nation a really cold harsh place not sure how I got here.

Here is some actual lore. The first recorded nation that founded the Empire was in the kingdom of the Burgundians. A breakaway part of the kingdom-centered between savoy and Geneva. This breakaway eventually conquered the Burgundians and declared the Kingdom of The Alpini and Burgundians. Eventually one of these kings by the name of Froid Gundowech had noticed how powerful his kingdom had become. So he had decided to declare his kingdom as the successor to the western Roman empire. But seeing that his neighbors to the south and east were too powerful for his armies he decided to start his conquest to the north and west with the Germanic kingdoms. Froid's name is to this day remembered as the current name of the imperial house of the Alpes.

by the map archive but found on google images

another map but anachronistic one actually two

Also the natural borders of the Imperium. Also, this map is from a Reddit that I found funny. This factbook has just become a map dump

The ancient Tribes of the Alpes started there empire in the lands of Burgundy.

And the empire under Haroldus as Haraldi Magna Alpium and its division

The empire was reunited under Lorand lother who made his brothers Matthieu and Henri his co-kings and protectors of the east and west. Also please ignore that Corsica's called Sardinia

The current extent of imperial power on the Continent.

The kingdom of gaul(areas in light yellow and purple are disputed areas)

The empire at its current extent

Everything outlined in red is part of the German kingdom

Iím either trying to hard on Forum 7 or people arenít trying hard enough

Alpes=The Kingdom of Burgundy/Arles+Switzerland

Map of claims, influence, territory, and clients. (Note: Polish and eastern European influence and client states are not shown.)