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SHS Stole My Woman Trade Page

Welcome to the SHS Stole My Woman Trade Page

Within the SHS Stole My Woman we have developed a wonderful trade system which converts Marks to other currency. Within the region of SHS Stole My Woman we have 8 whole currencies. Of course trading different currencies is hard so, Germanys youth (the founder of SHS Stole My Woman) has decided to create a region wide Foreign Money Exchange.

$1.00 - DM1.50
Dollar - Mark

BEZ1.00 - DM1.75
Bezant - Mark

₹1.00 - DM0.90
Rupee - Mark

₿1.00 - DM0.50
Bitcoin - Mark

WFD1.00 - DM1.60
Waifu Dollar - Mark

FD1.00 - DM0.75
Denier - Mark

1.00 - DM1.25
Pound - Mark

S1.00 - DM684,603.10
Soul - Mark

MBB1.50 - DM1.50
MacaroniButtBaker - Mark

The Above Shows Currency Equivalency To The Fascist Mark (commonly known as Mark).

Germanys youth