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Strawberry Hill: Our Strawberry Shop - Temporarily Closed

Strawberry Shop

The Basics:
Welcome to the Strawberry Hill Strawberry Shop! Here in Strawberry Hill, we often receive requests for strawberry-related product purchases. So, I’ve finally gotten around to setting up a proper shop! Here are the basics:
• This shop is open to all residents of Strawberry Hill and those of our embassy regions.
• Post a message on the Strawberry Hill RMB with a list of the items you’d like to purchase.
• Please specify whether you’d like the items to be sent to your region (if you don’t reside in Strawberry Hill) or if they’re just for you.
• Berry World will reply to your post, letting you know your purchase was successful, and will notify you of the charge to your nation.
• Any orders filled out by any nation other than Berry World are considered to be invalid. Any nation found to be filling out orders that shouldn’t be doing so will be warned.
• All prices/charges are made in Gold Coins (GC), a FAKE currency with no real-world value.
• A list of all possible products to purchase can be found in the section below.

• Freshly-Picked Strawberries 🍓 @ 3 GC/lb
• Overripe/Imperfect Strawberries 🍓 @ 2 GC/lb
• Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries 🍫🍓 @ 4 GC/lb

Baked Goods:
• Strawberry Pie 🥧 @ 4 GC each (serves 8)
• Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie 🥧 @ 4 GC each (serves 8)
• Strawberry Tart 🥧 @ 1 GC each
• Strawberry-Rhubarb Tart 🥧 @ 1 GC each
• Strawberry Cake 🍰 @ 1 GC/slice; 5 GC/cake (serves 8)
• Strawberry Cheesecake 🧀🍰 @ 1 GC/slice; 6 GC/cake (serves 8)
• Strawberry-Filled Cupcakes 🧁 @ 1 GC each
• Strawberry Muffins 🧁 @ 1 GC each

Other Food-Related Products:
• Freshly-Squeezed Strawberry Juice 🍹@ 1 GC/glass
• Strawberry Smoothie 🥤 @ 2 GC/glass
• Strawberry Milkshake 🥤 @ 1 GC/glass
*you can add banana to your smoothie or milkshake at no extra charge*
• Strawberry Ice Cream 🍦 @ 1 GC/cone
• Neapolitan Ice Cream 🍦 @ 1 GC/cone
• Strawberry Fruit Skewers 🍡 @ 1 GC each
• Chocolate-Dipped Strawberry Fruit Skewers 🍫🍡 @ 2 GC each
*you can substitute half of the strawberries on your skewer for marshmallows at no extra charge*

Non-Food-Related Products:
• Strawberry Bushes 🌱 @ 3 GC each
• Cartoon-Faced Strawberry Plushies 🧸 @ 5 GC each
• Strawberry-Scented Markers 🖊 @ 2 GC/pack (8 markers in a pack)
• Strawberry Hill T-Shirts 👕 @ 3 GC each

Promotions and Ways to Get Deals:
• Be a resident of Strawberry Hill! Residents receive 1 GC off on purchases of 5 GC or more!
• Construct embassies between your region and Strawberry Hill! When we open an embassy with a region, that region gets a complimentary shipment of strawberries!
• Win a game! Please check out A Puppet of My Nation’s Biweekly Games dispatch here. Winners of games often receive promos or even free items as prizes!
• Make a purchase on February 27th! In case you didn’t know, that’s Strawberry Day! All purchases made on that day are 50% off, rounded up if the original price cannot be divided by 2 (ex: 11 GC becomes 6 GC, not 5.5 GC).
Questions? Comments? Suggestions?
• Ask us on our RMB. We’ll try to answer any questions you might have as soon as possible.
• Got any suggestions for how we can improve our Strawberry Shop? Let us know on our RMB!
• Please tell us if you have any ideas for new shop items. We might add them to this dispatch.
Thanks for reading!

The Kingdom of Berry World