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NS I Am Sorry!

Dear Nationstates, and the gaming community,

My name is Crystalaummer. I am the founder of The Free Nations Region. I have a huge confession to make. I went by the name Wonder Woman, and Mysterious Wonder. While I am not proud to admit this, I want to say I did not commit any malicious behavior. Wonder Woman was created back in August of 2017. Originally created as a role playing nation, it became even more when I got involved with the TEP community.
I played 2 nations and I kept them separate. I went completely inactive in my Crystalsummer identity, when I became Wonder Woman.
All my actions were exclusively in-character, not out-of-character. I did not make any OOC friends, I did not catfish anyone. I put 100% effort into my time in TEP. When I was the Minister of Immigration, Minister of Foreign Affairs, and an Arbiter, I did not try to coup the region. I worked all my extra time to benefit the TEP community, and give back to a region that gave me so much. On April 19, 2019, I decided that I would hide no longer. While I disappointed a lot of people, I want to say I am truly sorry for hiding who I really was. I have informed TEP and apologized for doing this, and I was told to quietly resign as a citizen of TEP or they will make this whole thing public. The fact that they allowed me to quietly resign as TEP citizen, without making this whole thing public, is because they did not deem me as an OOC threat. Because I am not. I did not make any OOC friends using Wonder Woman, I only vaguely alluded to being a college student studying Chemistry (which I am!)

I never catfished, or committed any malicious activity. I played the character and left it at that.
And Wonder Woman is a female Superhero from Marvel named Wonder Woman. I never said I was a girl in real life, but even if I said that, I donít catfish, look for boyfriend, or anything shady. I NEVER befriended the same person with 2 identities (WonderWoman and Crystalsummer) to manipulate them. So no one was OOC manipulated by me.I did not join a region as a citizen using both WW and Crystalsummer.
I tried keeping both nation identities as separate as possible. For example, I used WonderWoman exclusively for regions. I never got citizenship for both WW and CrystalSummer in any 1 region.
The only ďbadĒ OOC thing I have done, is play NS as a girl, but, in my opinion, GENDER does not matter. I never sought out boys or catfished boys.
I played as a Marvel Female Superhero, and acted entirely in-character, I didnít commit malicious activity. I played the character and left it at that.
So please do not believe any OOC-related smear campaigns. Many people have infiltrated GCRs using a 2nd identity (some of them using female identities,) to try to coup that GCR. They got forgiven, without their reputations OOC ruined. I want you guys to know, I infiltrated a GCR using a 2nd identity, but I did not do anything malicious. I did not even plan to coup that GCR, nor did I want to. I earned my ranks ethically, and legitimately. The ONLY reason I used a 2nd identity to join that GCR, TEP, was because I was worried that my reputation was destroyed, because Defenders banned me from their Libcord Discord Server for hanging out with Raiders. I thought everyone hated me because of the Libcord-ban scenario, and I wanted to get involved in TEP but was afraid with my broken reputation, Iíd be unable to do anything. I now understand that I was wrong, because I could have gotten the same ranks and positions, with my Crystalsummer identity. Now I understand that, it did not matter anywhere, that I had a bad reputation with Defenders for associating with Raiders, because TEP and other regions wonít care.
I apologize for my foolish mistake, and hope you forgive me, and accept me as both the Crystalsummer and WonderWoman nations. I mean no harm and I didnít hurt anyone, since I didnít make OOC friends using my other Wonder Woman account, I just did in-character government stuff. My last thing is this, I do want to thank all of the friends that I did make in SP, and TEP! Thank you for the opportunity I did have, and I want to say again I am sorry about I did. Please forgive me, and I hope someday Iíll be accepted in the community.

Thank you for your attention!