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Charter of the Autropolan Regional Cooperative

Charter of the
Autropolan Regional Cooperative

Seal of Autropolis and the Charter

March 13th, 2019

April 20th, 2019

Astromis, Aureus, Solariia




The Charter of the Autropolan Regional Cooperative (also known as the ARC Charter) of 2019, is the foundational treaty of the Autropolan Regional Cooperative, an intergovernmental organization in Autropolis. The ARC Charter articulated a commitment to promote and strengthen domestic and foreign cooperation of nations and to achieving ‘higher standards’, creating the foundation for a range of institutions and opportunities towards ‘economic, social, and other possible future initiatives'. As a charter, it is a constituent treaty, and all nations under its protection are bound by its articles.

The Charter was opened for signature on April 20th, 2019, in Astromis, Aureus, Solariia. It was signed and ratified by the original three permanent members of the ARC - Solariia, Ellenburg and Endolantron - and it entered into force on the same day. The inspiration for the ARC came about following the triumphant aftermath of N-Daył, where Autropolis, a minor power, served alongside major powers like Forest, Yggdrasil and the International Democratic Union as part of the victorious Canopy faction, which allied with the first place recipient UPPERCUT faction consisting of the major Pacific regions.


The Charter consists of a preamble and a series of articles grouped into chapters.

The preamble consists of two principal parts. The first part contains a general call for the maintenance of peace and intergalactic security and encourage intergalactic relations development. The second part of the preamble is a declaration in a contractual style that the governments of the peoples of the Autropolan Regional Cooperative have agreed to the Charter.

Chapter I sets forth the purposes of the Autropolan Regional Cooperative, including the important provisions of the maintenance of intergalactic peace and security.
Chapter II defines the criteria for membership in the Autropolan Regional Cooperative.
Chapters III–VI, the bulk of the document, describe the organs and institutions of the ARC and their respective composition, functions and powers.
Chapter VII lays the stratagem for contingency operations in dealing with precipitous intergalactic incidents.
Chapters VIII-IX provide for amendment and ratification of the Charter.