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FNR Voting and Citizenship Reform Proposal (April - May 2019)

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[color=white][size=150][font=georgia][b]Founded January 15, 2016[/b] - United December 25, 2016[/color][/font][/size][/center] 

[floatright][box][center][b][color=#379c6a]Bill Details[/b][/color][/CENTER]
[b][color=#379c6a]Full Name:[/color][/b] FNR Voting and Citizenship Reform Proposal (April - May 2019)
[b][color=#379c6a]Abbreviation:[/color][/b] PROP-190401
[b][color=#379c6a]Date:[/color][/b] 04/19/2019 (modified 04/24/2019, 05/08/2019)
[b][color=#379c6a]Brief Purpose:[/color][/b] Clarify the election process. Reform citizenship.
Implement a new better, more secure voting procedure the "Instant Run Off Voting". 

[size=150][color=#379c6a][b]PROP-190401, FNR Voting and Citizenship Reform Proposal (April - May 2019)[/size][/color][/b]

[i]ACKNOWLEDGING[/i]: That the current election process has some flaws in regard to clarity, integrity and safety. 

[i]DETERMINED[/i]: That this bill will bring back clarity and restore some good points from the old constitution regarding elections.

[i]STATING[/i]: That a new voting procedure needs to be implemented to avoid multiple run off voting in tie or no majority situations. A verification system is required to make elections more secure.

[i]OBTAINING[/i]: More freedom of choice for citizens because every vote is taken into account and not only those who vote like the majority

[i]DEMONSTRATING[/i]: That the so called "Instant Run Off Voting" (IRV) is without any alternative to solve these issues. 

[size=115][b][color=#379c6a]This piece of legislation hereby amends/establishes/ratifies the following on the [url=]current constitution[/url]:[/size][/color][/b]

[b][u]Section I: Subsections[/u][/b]
[*] Under "ARTICLE VIII The electoral system" add the Subsection: "VIII - Section A: The election procedure (IRV)"
[*] Under "ARTICLE VIII The electoral system" add the Subsection: "VIII - Section B:  Resolution of Non Majority / Tie Voting using IRV"
[*] Under "ARTICLE VIII The electoral system" add the Subsection: "VIII - Section C:  Legislature Polls"
[*] Add all clauses of Section IV under ARTICLE VIII - Section A
[*] Add all clauses of Section V under ARTICLE VIII - Section B
[*] Add all clauses of Section VI under ARTICLE VIII - Section C

[b][u]Section II: Adjustments and Restorations[/u][/b]
[*] Add clause as VIII.1 : "An eligible voter is required to have effective citizenship at least for seven (7) days at the day of election start to 0:00 (12 pm) UTC"
[*] Amends VIII.2 to: "Nations may declare their candidacy between two (2) weeks before up to three (3) days prior to the start of the election."
[*] Add following clause as VIII.3 : "Campaigning is explicitly encouraged in the period three (3) days before up to start of election" 
[*] Add following clause as VIII.4 : "An candidate may not declare candidacy if effective citizenship was obtained later then two (2) weeks before start of the election. This also applies to members of the Cabinet"
[*] As clause VIII.5: ([url=]current[/url])VIII.3 unaffected
[*] Add clause VIII.5.b: "If no electoral commissioners are found this function shall be executed by a judge of the Supreme Court."
[*] Add clause VIII.5.c: "The function of electoral commissioners shall be bound to secrecy."
[*] Add clause VIII.6: "The publication of results before the end of the election is expressly prohibited."
[*] Add clause VIII.6.a "A 'result' is considered any data that can be collected about a vote. In particular, but not limited to, data that could influence the voting behavior of other voters."
[*] Add clause VIII.6.b "If violated, the election must be declared invalid."
[*] Add clause VIII.6.c "The publishing electoral commissioner shall be impeached immediately. And locked out of any activities as electoral commissioner for at least four (4) election seasons."
[*] Add clause VIII.6.d "About restoration after this time decides The Supreme Court upon explicit request of the legislature."
[*] Add clause VIII.6.e "The (current) voter turnout, the number of eligible voters and the (current) number of voters who have already voted in total shall be exceptions from VIII.6.a count as 'result' according to this proposal and therefore do not fall under this regulation."
[*] As clause VIII.7: ([url=]current[/url])VIII.4 unaffected
[*] As clause VIII.8:restoring ([url=]old Constitution[/url])8.2, 8.3, 8.4 merged: The President, The Speaker, The WA Delegate are elected offices and shall serve a term lasting ninety (90) days.
[*] As clause VIII.9: restoring ([url=]old Constitution[/url])8.5 unaffected: An Election Season shall start of the first day of the month, in the months of January, April, July, and October.
[*] As clause VIII.10: restoring ([url=]old Constitution[/url])8.13 unaffected: "In the case of an impeachment or otherwise a vacancy in an elected position, a Special Election shall immediately begin for that office. Special Elections shall function in the same method as a normal Election Season. However, if the Special Election would begin less than a month before or after a normal Election Season, the normal Election Season for that position shall be called off."

[b][u]Section III: Citizenship reform (obtaining citizenship) [/u][/b]
[*] All clauses of "ARTICLE II Citizenship" are removed
[*] Add as clause II.1: "Any WA nation, who resides in the Free Nations Region shall receive ineffective citizenship."
[*] Add as clause II.1.a: "An ineffective citizen who obtained citizenship by having their WA nation in the region is required to endorse the current delegate."
[*] Add as clause II.1.b: "After confirmation of endorsement, by any government member, the citizenship becomes effective as long the current delegate is endorsed."
[*] Add as clause II.2: "A resident which isn't a WA nation needs to apply for citizenship on the offsite forums."
[*] Add as clause II.2.a: "A judge shall verify the ownership of the nation the applicant claimed to have."
[*] Add as clause II.2.b: "They shall send that nation, via telegram, an ownership verification code (abbreviated OVC) which consists of 15 capital alphanumeric characters. In the form of 5-5-5 e.g. A1B2C-3D4F5-G6H7I." (There are 221,073,919,720,733,357,899,776 possible code combinations which should be enough.)
[*] Add as clause II.2.c: "The applicant shall reply the judge on forum with that verification token within 48 hours. Failure to do so results in denial of citizenship."
[*] Add as clause II.2.d: "A rejected applicant can reapply after one week, unless otherwise decided by a judge."
[*] Add as clause II.2.e: "Any government member (founder included) may handle OVCs besides judges after approval of the judiciary."
[*] Add as clause II.2.f: "During elections OVC handling permission is revoked from all government members and only judges and the founder may handle OVCs"
[*] Add as clause II.2.g: "Verification using [url=]NationStates verification API[/url], if available and reasonable, shall be valid in the same way as the confirmation with codes. This clause does not apply to election verification codes."
[*] Add as clause II.3: "Applicants, regardless where they apply, shall state their WA nation name. It doesn't matter where it is only the name matters. Which is verified using verification code. See Section III.2.b"
[*] Add as clause II.3.a: "This information serves no particular purpose other than to reduce the chance of fraud by applying multiple times for citizenship."
[*] Add as clause II.3.b: "Once done the verified applicant shall receive effective citizenship."
[*] Add as clause II.4: "If a resident obtains effective citizenship less then 7 days before or during an election it shall not be eligible to vote on that election. It will become eligible to vote on the next election after that. "
[*] Add as clause II.5: "If it becomes known that someone has received citizenship illegally, citizenship shall be revoked. The judiciary decides about additional penalties up to the ejection and ban out of The Free Nations Region. "

[b][u]Section IV: New Voting Procedure "Instant Run Off Voting"(IRV)[/u][/b]
[*] The official voting system of The Free Nations Region is "Instant Run off Voting" (IRV)
[*] All effective citizens (=eligible voters) shall receive and Election Verification Code  (abbreviated EVC) at least 24 hours upon election start. Similar to III.2.b
[*] Codes are send via Telegram
[*] Only election officers and judges are allowed to generate and send EVCs
[*] Handling of EVCs is a matter of trust. Permission of handling EVCs for election officers may be revoked by unanimous decision by the judiciary or a majority (>50%) vote of the legislature. The counting of votes and other rights and duties as election officers remain unaffected.
[*] Complaints about not received EVCs are accepted and processed until 24 hours after start of the election.
[*] The codes are required to change every election.
[*] If codes are found to be distributed publicly, they may be invalidated. Except the code was redeemed before publication. The Judiciary shall be informed of the invalidation of the EVC and evidence of the publication has to be provided. The Judiciary decides about EVC invalidation.
[*] Voters are granted the right of secrecy of the ballot. 
[*] Voters are asked to remain silent about their vote. But aren't required to.
[*] Voting will take place in Google Forms unless otherwise decided by unanimously vote of all election officers and judges, for example, because a better platform or solution has been found.
[*] The statement of the election code is mandatory on the ballot.
[*] The statement of the nation name is optional on the ballot.
[*] The election procedure gets more secure as only eligible voters get a unique code.
[*] After a code has been redeemed, it turns invalid. The first use of the code counts. Any further redemption is void.
[*] It is on the choice of election officers to ask the code owner why the code was redeemed multiple times.
[*] Only election commissioners shall have access to election results. In case of complaints the judges must be given access to the results.
[*] Judges have the right to validate the results
[*] The voter is responsible for accuracy of provided information. It is on the choice of the election officers to do research about provided data, they are not required to. Inaccurate provided information may turn the vote invalid.
[*] The form should explain how this voting works. The voter has to confirm that it was read and agreed on how it works before actually can be voted.
[*] The form provides on section per office that is at vote
[*] The form should display the question as e.g. "Would you support [Candidate] for [Office]?"
[*] The voter has to rate the candidates from 1 - Most Preferred / Most likely to [Number of Candidates] - Least Preferred / Least likely. 
[*] The voter is required to distribute each number [b][u]only[/u][/b] once. Failure to do so turns the vote [u]invalid[/u].
[*] At the end of election all First (1) Votes are talied. If a majority (> 50.0%) can be reached the election has ended.

[b][u]Section V: Resolution of Non Majority / Tie Voting using IRV [/u][/b]
[*] If there are more than two candidates and on the first round no majority (> 50.0%) could be found then candidate with the least First (1) votes is eliminated.
[*] All votes that had at First (1) vote the eliminated candidate are taken into account again using the Second (2) Vote. This process is repeated till only two Candidates remaining or a majority (> 50.0 %) could be found. The election ends once majority is found.
[*] Abstain votes can also be eliminated same as Candidates
[*] In the unlikely case that despite these procedure no majority could be found than the candidate with more First (1) Votes wins. Are they tied Second (2) Votes are taken and so on. If nothing else helps the first First (1) vote with the earliest time stamp wins. This can only be applied if all other possibilities are exhausted and the candidates have agreed on it. Otherwise the election needs to be repeated.

[b][u]Section VI: Legislature Polls [/u][/b]
[*] Legislature polls shall mainly be done in the regional discord
[*] Citizens aren't required to join the discord. They can contact the Speaker, the Founder or a Judge and are then allowed to vote using telegram once registered.
[*] The names of the telegram voters shall be published that if a nations name is missing they can complain about it.
[*] Duplicate votes are prohibited and shall be turned invalid. 
[*] An special channel shall be created for votes on legislature where only eligible citizen have access to
[*] Discord voters shall be verified, using code or verification API, if reasonable.
[*] Every other polls remain unaffected.

[u][b]Prototype for IRV:[/b][/u]

[b]Disclaimer[/b]: This is only a prototype and is subject to change and not binding in any way. Votes on that form don't have any influence and aren't tallied either.

An prototype how this could be working can be found [url=]HERE[/url]

Proposed & Signed,
Chief Justice of The Free Nations Region
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