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The Regional Government of the United Nations of the Atlantic

The Regional Government of The United Nations of the Atlantic

The Founding Principles
Every three months, general elections are held in The United Nations of the Atlantic to elect the members of the Assembly of Councilors. Elections are held in public via poll. All residents of The United Nations of the Atlantic, (excluding puppet nations and foreign ambassadors who are not considered legal residents) are eligible to vote after residing in the region for one week. The United Nations of the Atlantic is based upon a semi-parliamentary system of government, meaning that although voters still elect individual members to the Assembly, the party with the majority of seats has the authority to form the new government. As such, the Prime Minister is the leader of their respective party or coalition in power. The Prime Minister has the authority to select all other Ministers in the Cabinet of Ministers excluding the Minister of Justice, which is appointed by the Assembly through a simple majority vote. The sole requirement to serve on the Cabinet is that those selected must not be elected members of the Assembly of Councilors. The Head of Council is elected by the Assembly. Upon their election to the position, they must relinquish their party membership and duties as a Member of the Assembly, so that they may serve as an equitable voice to maintain quorum and proper procedure in the Assembly. The Head of Council has the authority to select the Deputy of Council and Secretary of Council. The Leader of the Opposition serves as the main voice of the party or coalition that is not in power. All votes on measures, bills, resolutions, and leadership in the Assembly require a simple majority to pass. A vote of no-confidence in the government must be approved by a 2/3 majority of the members of the Assembly in order to pass. Upon passage of such a vote, the government is turned over to the party or coalition in the opposition, who must call snap-elections within two weeks of their assumption of duties.
The Assembly is comprised of all nations that opt-in to participate.

Cabinet of Ministers
•Prime Minister-
Social Welfare and Peace (NPP)
•Deputy Prime Minister-
Torrey republic (ALP)
•Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications-
The rising crown (NPP)
•Minister of Foreign Affairs-
Free american heritage (NPP)
•Minister of Commerce-
La isla de paz (ALP)
•Minister of Justice-
Washington free states (NPP)

Assembly of Councilors
•Head of Council-
Southaland (NPP)
•Deputy Head of Council-
Nova cartolla (ALP)
•Secretary of Council-
Statuusve (ALP)
•Opposition Leader-
Crown gilead (DUP)