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Follow up: The problems of NationStates

EDIT: Another reply, this time crazy communist edition.
This is the follow-up to my previous Bulletin concerning the Problems of NationStates.
Let me start by saying that I did not expect much response, let alone making it on the #2 spot on the Dispatches page. I've decided to expand on it.

Solving the problems
Let's get this out right away - this won't be easy. Here are some things you could do yourself to fight against the bad and for the good.
1. Spread the word
Many of you are doing this, pinning the dispatch on the Reginal Page, posting it on the RMB, sending it to others. This all helps. Awareness will provoke a reaction.
2. Keep your mind open, question everything, be aware
Actively seek out information on the topic. Most problems on the list could have been avoided at the very start if everyone knew how the elite operates. Question this dispatch. I could be wrong about something here and I probably am. Send me telegrams, discuss this with others. Being mistaken is not wrong - refusing to change your mind when the evidence against a thesis is presented, on the other hand, is.
3. Keep Calm
Insulting people is counterproductive. So is panic. If someone intentionally baits you to be angry, go on a walk and cool your head. Anger is a sign of weakness and lack of power.
You are in power.
4. Boycott the NS forums and make your own alternatives
Don't trust the mods and their judgment? They have no power over means of contact outside NS. Use discord, make your own forums, sites and so on (just look how nice this forum page of Enadia is You could even use blogs and their comment system for this purpose. Absolutely everyone can do it. There are many templates just waiting to be used.
5. Be content with what you have
This is mainly aimed at founders and WA delegates of regions. Don't bite off more than you can chew. Mergers are mostly destructive. Many people feel alienated and uncomfortable after them. ALWAYS ask your region-mates what they think about alliances/mergers, joining organizations and so on. Measure your approval. No one wants a tyrant for their delegate.
6. Investigate before associating
If something looks too good to be true, it probably is. Before moving somewhere (or trying to be buddy-buddy with a region), talk to the people there. Read their dispatches. Look at the attitude of the founder. If he's arrogant and exuding an aura of "I'm better than you" (not to be mistaken for charisma) then he most definitely is a bad person. I won't be pointing at people here but if you look for an "alliance" of several regions named after a person, named after a certain month of the year, you will most probably find a landmine. Look at their WA proposals. Are they mostly commendations? Red flag. Are they a raider region? Why are they raiding then? To silence people that have different opinions/raiding people by association with someone they don't like? Antifa? Massive red flag. Raiding for the thrill/trophy regions? If you're into that, go for it.
More points to be added.

Replying to replies
"As a response to your dispatch, I'd like to offer my perspective as a trans woman, leftist, WA Delegate, and arguably a member of the hegemony.
NationStates is not leftist. Believe me, if it were, I'd be a lot happier. We leftists are concentrated because leftism is a popular ideology.

That being said, as a trans woman, NationStates is a place where I do feel safe and loved. That means the world to me while I live in a place that is actively hostile. I'm proud to be on a site like that. If by left-leaning, you mean that NS supports people like me, then yeah, it is. And that's cool because NS was where I came out for the first time." - Anonymous

Let me start by saying that you have an extraordinary view on things. Being gender dysphoric is like painting a target on your back for people who are afraid of you/just plain d*cks. I on the other hand, am an completely average user of NS. I don't get insulted for those things. This is why our mileage varies. And yes, left-bias exists. You didn't experience it because you are currently in a group of people who are nice to you and like-minded. And that's completely fine, the objective of games is to be happy playing them. People on the right face discrimination too. I have been called a fascist quite a few times.
Meanwhile, I have to put up with this:
and this
and that
and many more things. This is just anti-white racism on twitter. It exists. And it's spreading. The bias cannot be denied.
Leftism is not very popular. It's just very vocal and influential. Proof? LinkTrump got elected to president.

I forgot to mention, but if Antifa is not far left and not communist and actually fighting extremism (censorship is always wrong by the way), why did they not raid any communist regions? Communism killed WAY more people than fascism. Shouldn't communism be equally as bad as fascism and nazism (national-SOCIALISM) Linkif not even more so?

The Errant Knights of Rughzhenhaide