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RMB Guidelines

Before posting on the RMB, you should read the One Stop Rules Shop and this dispatch.


- When engaging in a conversation, please use the quote button to notify the other user you have responded.

- When writing long paragraphs of conversation, please use spoilers.

- Do not spam, flame, or harass other players on the RMB.

- Keep all posts PG-13.

- Do not speak on behalf of the community unless it is your duty to do so.

- Do not quote spam or offensive posts. If a post you quote gets suppressed, please proceed to delete your post or to edit out the suppressed quote. Otherwise, your post will be suppressed as well.

- Try not to post multiple times in a row. If you have more to say, you can edit your original post. Multiple messages may be removed.

- Recruitment posts are strongly prohibited.

- Do not engage with players who break the rules. If you see rule-breaking, report it to the Game Moderators.

- Always listen to Regional Officers and Game Moderators.

Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in the suppression of posts without warning.

India dispatch office