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Northeast Gamma League Auxiliary - Equipment Dossiers - Vehicles

W7 Torusumi Chassis
he M892 “Torusumi” General Purpose Armored Vehicle series of vehicles, built by the Ford Motor Company in Guadalajara, Mexico and Flat Rock, Michigan, etc., is a general purpose armored utility vehicle designed for a variety of battlefield tasks. The base model M892 is 7m/23ft x 3m/10ft x 3m/10ft, and weighs 16,500lbs/7,484kg. Accessories and add-on armor kits will add to the weight, but we have endeavored to use components which are not only comparatively lightweight, but also can survive the rigors of extended combat (including IEDs and mines). The M892 can carry up to 8-15 individuals and their kit, depending on whether they are in power armor or not, or an equivalent weight in cargo. The M892 base model comes equipped with polarized armor plating which can generate a shield when electric current is passed through it, as well as a V-shaped hull designed to help deflect blasts from mines and IEDs. Additionally, the M892 base model possesses a M798 Point Defense System, which uses a pair of plasma “shotgun” projectors and a tracking system to defend against incoming fire such as rockets and explosives.


M895 Communications and Command Vehicle
This version replaces the rear troop compartment with what is effectively a mobile command center, combining a UAC Co4500 Command Suite with other systems such as holographic displays and secure FTL comms designed to rapidly coordinate the actions of friendly forces. The Suite does not require the use of augmented personnel or individuals in power armor to operate.

M894 Engineering Vehicle
This version of the M892 is designed from the ground up for engineering and construction duties. It features a redesigned rear compartment and a lengthened chassis that essentially acts as a mobile workshop and also possesses a M566 Multipurpose Lifter Device--essentially, a tractor beam that can be used to lift heavy or dangerous objects like rubble, wrecked vehicles, or unexploded ordnance with precision and a minimum of difficulty. If the M566 can’t lift an object, it can at least move the object into a position where something else can lift it. The M566 can even project a field to move earth that is to the sides of the vehicle and the front, in a manner similar to that of a plow.

M89X Special Purpose Vehicle

Key Specifications:
Name: W7 Torusumi Chassis
Nation of Origin: New Dornalia
Manufacturer: Ford Motor Company
Status: In Service (Auxiliary Surface Corps.)
Armament: 25mm Magnetic Autocannon, M20 Autoloading Anti-Tank Missile System
Armor: Light or Medium, with Active Protective System and Energy Shield
Crew: 2 + 8-15 Passengers
Length: 7.0m
Width: 3.0m
Height: 3.0m

T10 Kodiac Chassis

Kodiac Command Vehicle

With few changes from the prior Huerdaen Kodiac-variant, the new Kodiac's new slightly larger size allows it to accommodate a full command and ECM gear suite as well as sporting the additional armor and protection available on the new chassis. Behind the wing plates, it is outfitted with Aegis projectors to allow it to provide itself with significant, adaptive coverage that could protect from top, side, or frontal attacks depending on the configuration, which can be adjusted while on the move. The turret is nearly identical as the outgoing variant, mounting the same pair of Hades cannons following the same capability of ejecting spent casings up and away from the vehicle to confuse enemy targeting and protect the vehicle. However, it includes a newly-added, independently-rotated target painter to allow it to spot targets for the new Yokai-Variant destroyer mounted between the Hades cannons. Shielding capabilities have also been increased in a suite almost identical to the ones used in the Goliath-Variant medium tank, making it the most durable Kodiac Chassis vehicle.

Oni Light Cavalry Vehicle

By most estimates capable of operating as a light tank, the Oni is a far cry from its predecessor, the Gatecrasher. No longer designed to slam into the target and disgorge troops, it is armed for war and armored against most enemy fire. Bearing a turret mount with Hephaestus gun, its offensive capabilities don't stop there. The cupola has a remote/manual Akki normally used with HE ammunition for clearing nearby structures, and it also includes an auto-tracking Hades in a close-range anti-missile system. The final item in the turret is a buried target painter, that can identify heavily armored targets for supporting fire to eliminate, namely fire from the Talos or Yokai. In addition, rounds fired from the Oni are often fitted with a blasting collar around the tip of the round that bursts upon impact, this releases a spray of the super-heated, highly magnetic fluids across the target location, often interfering with local sensors and blinding the target. Infantry disembark from an armored rear door, and the vehicle can carry up to two full squads. Under the deploying wings, the vehicle can conceal either additional ammunition, or defensive ECM equipment, making it well-liked by the troops using it.

Yokai Gun Carrier

A spiritual successor to the Gravedigger, the Yokai fills the same role with different goals in mind. While incapable of accurately firing on the move, it is built around a much more powerful primary armament. Making use of the 'wing' bays to help conceal it against enemy identification, it carries a long-barreled 120mm railgun, with improved ballistics and ammunition. Making use of the technology in the Sauron rifle on a macro scale, it is capable of punching through almost any ground-based vehicle shielding, depending on sheer impact power to annihilate the enemy before it. The gun's increased recoil means it can no longer reasonably fire on the move, but it does have another significant advantage over its ancestor. Using a suite of controls in the hull, it is able to locate targets identified by friendly units, sight in, and fire in record time over extreme distances. Unfortunately, the weight of the turret and weapon significantly decrease the speed of the vehicle, making it nowhere near as nimble as its predecessor. Despite this shortcoming, effectiveness in combat is well above that of the Gravedigger in recent engagements, effectively taking over the role of the antiquated model.

Key Specifications:
Name: T10 Kodiak Chassis
Nation of Origin: Huerdae
Manufacturer: Togashi Heavy Industries
Status: In Service (Auxiliary Surface Corps.)
Armament: Variable
Armor: Medium
Crew: 3 + 0-10 Passengers
Length: Classified
Width: Classified
Height: Classified

Tonka: Mah'Lahn Armories

T11 "TriTrack" Chassis

Originally designed by the Leos Entitlement, the distinctly shaped TriTrack was pressed into service into service en-mass as a military vehicle by the Northeast Gamma League during the Battle for Leos during the Welded campaign. Open-topped but with space inside and jumpseats outside for carrying security personnel, the TriTrack was originally intended for use by Internal Security and Sanctity Patrols, to rapidly relocate policing units in adverse situations and crush unarmed demonstration; the vehicles were crude, cheap, and built with an odd three-tread design; two short, narrow outrider treads forward, and one shorter and wide at the center-rear of the vehicle. With a vaguely triangular shape, the TriTrack was produced without provision for mounting any weapons heavier than those carried by the occupants, and without military-grade armor. In the Leos campaign, TriTracks of various marks and configurations were deployed, destroyed, and then replaced and remanufacturered by the hundreds of thousands or millions. Models from the early war were often in their original configuration or with a crew-served infantry weapon forward; photographic evidence and reports indicate that vehicles mounted with "Rouce Rods" were common, using treble-mounted Moland carbines with an ingenious pronged, external fire control rod system that would fire the weapons in unison. Absurdly crude relative to true machine guns, vehicles using the treble-Moland mounting (often in further-linked pairs, for six rifles total) were seen until the closing days of the Leos campaign due to the constant scarcity of other suitable weapon systems planetside. Other dedicated configurations of the TriTrack were produced on Leos and on other Entitlement worlds by surviving industry, including mortar and missile carriers, infantry carriers with uprated side armor, fighting vehicles with an autocannon forward and sponsor machine guns, and myriad utility vehicle configurations. Despite the platforms shortcoming, the sheer quantity in inventory ensures that the TriTrack will remain in service with the NEGL for the foreseeable future.

T12 "Mesre" Chassis
[Peninsularian Heavy APC]

H12 Lynx Chassis
The Lynx is a joint project with the Fenvaria Republic to create a light fighting and reconnaissance vehicle. The Lynx is the GRA's first vehicle of its type since the ill-fated T9 Ocelot and will be Fenvaria's first mass-produced vehicle to use a gravitic drive system. The Lynx is a joint venture, and combines Alexzonyan technology with Fenvarian design expertise to create an excellent light vehicle. The gravitic drive system is a relatively minor scaling modification on the one used for the Blazer II; the vehicles are exactly the same width, but the Lynx is 0.8m longer. However, due to Fenvarian design input, the height of the Lynx has actually been reduced vis-a-vis the Blazer II despite being significantly more capable. Unlike other GRA vehicles, which use electronic motors driven by microfusion plants, the Lynx uses a dual-powerplant setup using two Fenvarian cylinder-driven fusion plants, each in a V8 configuration. This design increases the mechanical complexity, but gives the Lynx a higher top speed and service ceiling than most similar vehicles when both engines are in operation and adds a degree of mechanical redundancy. As a multinational project, the Lynx's turret is an exceptionally flexible, modular design capable of mount any of more than a dozen weapon systems from Alexzonya, Fenvaria, Huerdae, and others. A further Alexzonyan development on the Lynx up-armors the vehicle's hull to make the Lynx a vehicle more suited for direct engagement rather than only skirmishing and reconnaissance. The necessary modifications necessarily divides the Lynx chassis into two subtypes: the lighter and more agile H12A Lynx, and the heavier and better-armored H12B Caracal. The Lynx and Caracal vehicles, despite their more complex engine arrangement, are actually far simpler to fabricate than existing Alexzonyan designs due to the use of fewer small, nitpicky components in the structure and a reduced emphasis on maintaining aesthetic.

Subtype: H12A Lynx Chassis

"Lynx" Reconnaissance Vehicle - 50mm Autocannon, 15mm Coaxial, 2x Recurve Shortbow Launch Tubes
"Tiger" Light Cavalry Vehicle - 90mm Magnetic Cannon, 15mm Coaxial, 2x Recurve Shortbow Launch Tubes
"Leopard" Tank Destroyer - 2x Fury Autoloading Missile Lauchers, 15mm Coaxial
"Tabby" Tank Destroyer - 4x 25mm Hypervelocity Armor-Piercing Coilguns, 2x Recurve Shortbow Launch Tubes
"Birdwatcher" Anti-Atmospheric Artillery - 50mm Long-Barrel High Traverse Autocannon, 2x Reflex Shortbow Launch Tubes, Sensors Dome
"Cheetah" Personnel Carrier - Auxiliary Variant (Troop Carrier), 25mm Autocannon
"Lion" Self-Propelled Gun - 125mm Low Velocity Howitzer, 15mm Coaxial, 2x Recurve Shortbow Launch Tubes
"Bobcat" Engineering Vehicle - Auxiliary Variant (Engineering Vehicle), 25mm Autocannon
"Wildcat" Multiple Missile Launch System - 4x "Cat's Paw" Long-Range Guided Missile

Key Specifications:
Name: H12A Lynx
Nation of Origin: Galactic Republic of Alexzonya and Fenvaria Republic
Manufacturer: Various
Status: Under Development
Armament: Variable
Armor: Light, with Active Protective System and Reactive Energy Shield
Crew: 2+, plus up to 10 Passengers depending on configuration
Length: 5.60m
Width: 2.50m
Height: 2.20m
Weight: 10 Tonne Class

Subtype: H12B Caracal

"Caracal" Light Cavalry Vehicle - 90mm Magnetic Cannon, 15mm Coaxial, 2x Recurve Shortbow Launch Tubes
"Puma" Assault Carrier - Auxiliary Chassis (Troop Carrier), 25mm Autocannon, 16x 40mm Grenade Tubes, 2x Recurve Shortbow Launch Tubes
"Serval" Assault Gun - 105mm Casemate Gun, 25mm Coaxial, 2x Recurve Shortbow Launch Tubes

Key Specifications:
Name: H12B Caracal
Nation of Origin: Galactic Republic of Alexzonya and Fenvaria Republic
Manufacturer: Various
Status: Under Development
Armament: Variable
Armor: Light, with Active Protective System and Reactive Energy Shield
Crew: 2+, plus up to 10 Passengers depending on configuration
Length: 5.70m
Width: 2.60m
Height: 2.30m
Weight: 15 Tonne Class

Compatible Armaments

Compatible Primary Armament:
- 2x Huerdaen 40mm Hades Light Rotary Cannon
- Alexzonyan 50mm Autocannon
- Fenvarian 60mm Cannon
- Huerdaen 60mm Hephaestus Autocannon / Forgefire Autocannon
- Alexzonyan 90mm Cannon
- Fenvarian 90mm Cannon
- 2x Alexzonyan Fury Autoloading Missile Launch System
- 2x Fenvarian Missile Launch Systems
- Alexzonyan 60mm Autoloading Mortar
- Fenvarian 70mm High Velocity Mortar
- Huerdaen Thor Mortar Mount
- Alexzonyan 125mm Low-Velocity Howitzer
- Auxiliary Variant (No Primary Weapon)

Compatible Secondary Armament:
- Fenvarian M70 HMG
- Fenvarian M42 Heavy Railgun
- Alexzonyan 15mm Autocannon
- Alexzonyan 25mm Autocannon
- Alexzonyan Recurve Shortbow Missile Tube
- Fenvarian M20 Launch Tube
- Fenvarian 90mm Grenade Launchers