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The Meanings of Yugobatania's flag

Gold: Represents wealth and prosperity among the citizens, as there is a very small wealth gap among the rich and poor.

Black: Strength through the darkest of times - this was chosen as Yugobatania overthrew the former government of Yugontia in 1921 during the Yugo Uprise of 1921. In doing so, the nation went through various economic troubles and instabilities, yet they still recovered from it - hence forth the strength that comes out of the darkness. It also represents the military, as it encompasses the Golden Ring of Unity, figuratively as how the military protects the interest of the country.

White: Peace among people, through the wars and strife that come our way..

Ring: Officially known as the Golden Ring of Unity by the Yugobatanian governement, the Golden Ring represents unity among the Six Regions of Yugobatania, as each region has its own capitals and rules, run by a Regional Government, but all follow a constitution under the Supreme Government.

Polestar: The White Star, a distant far-off star that appears many times in ancient Yugobatanian art and history from our ancient ancestral Homo-sapiens, which made its prevalence into the flag.

Laurel: The laurel represents grandness, that encompasses the whole of the nation. It also represents the Grand Yugo Region, the largest of the Six Regions, and home to the Supreme Government of Yugobatania.