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Around The World

East Supple Lundians know how to get around! These are the most important locations outside of ESL proper:

Located in the frigid land of Glacea, this research station is top of the line, housing all the necessary equipment for its staff of 50 scientists to live there year round, protected from the intense cold and other dangerous elements.

ESL's largest overseas military base, Fort McMann guards the island of Havergonia, allowing ESL personnel to rapidly respond to threats in the Ceres Ocean.

Also located on the island of Havergonia, this launching pad has seen dozens of successful launches over the course of its existence.

Despite its relatively northern latitude, the islands of Guran Miraosu are surprisingly volatile, with sizable volcanic activity occurring. It's climate does not match its location, thus ESL has set up a temporary research base to find out why, with the intention of replacing it with something more permanent...

Inspired by the city ships of The angle of chairty, the S.S. (Supple Ship) Big Chungus is the largest ship ever constructed in Supple history, able to carry 80,000 citizens with ease, acting as a mobile floating city of sorts.

Located on the island of The Anarchist Far East, Fort Narwhal is crucial for keeping the waters of the Southern Emerald Sea safe from pirates and those who would do harm!