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Oceanic Times: The Last Stand

The plane that the president Micheala Annalisa Simmons has not landed. We believe that she has also disappeared like how the Minister of Defense did. General Tatar has landed in the Naval Base of Warshire and is commanding the remaining forces from there. Only 250,000 Oceanic soldiers and 50,000 Paramilitary/Mercenaries remain. The rebels have broken through the defenses on the borders and are attacking the Island of Imperi Oceania. May we be safe from this enemy.

Rowandale has been nuked twice but the Stratocratic-Anarchy Oceanic Empire government and United Stickin government have asked for nukes to not be used since they are trying to find their soldiers and the areas the rebel supporters are fully controlling. Air battles are taking place above the sea however slow progress has been made as Oceania is preparing a goverment-in-exile.