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Committee for Economic Assistance (COMECON) (Outdated, see new one)

The United States of Eripolis proposes the Committee for Economic Assistance (COMECON) between it, the Federal Republic of Yugobatania, the Empire of New hastinapur, and the Protectorate of United sindhu. This bloc will serve to guarantee safe trade between all four nations, and cements the terms put forth in Yugobatania's peace treaty that ended the Hastinapuri-Yugo War of Honour.

1. No nation will engage in predatory trading (trading in a way that benefits one party and puts the other at a great disadvantage).

2. No war can be started by any member of this bloc without a reasonable casus belli.

3. All member nations must trade.

4. Defying any of the above terms will result in a warning and, ultimately, expulsion from the bloc permanently.