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Japan 2018

That dumb fμck stalking btch-ss piece of sht is trying to say that I never went to Japan last year. Where else would I have gone at the end of June through the middle of July? Where else did the thousands of dollars I had saved up through all of the jobs Ive done gone? How else have I managed to reach the highest level of martial arts achievable by a human? And then this btch has the audacity to threaten Chloe? If I see her, Im going to snap.

I also bought a replica of the leather jacket I gave to Kaia. I was kinda surprised by how expensive it actually is. Its about $170. I mean, it wasnt much at all for me, I still have about $1600 left for the gaming computer, but its still a little more than I would normally spend. Its only because Dustin told me that the stalker had asked me for it and I purposefully gave it to Kaia instead. So I bought another one so that I can just cause more hatred. Maybe if I piss her off enough, shell stop trying to bring back Ember. I figured out shes trying to bring him back because Dustin said that the only way to bring him back is by touch and she had tried to hug me in the past. I cant let her hug me, Ember is bad. Apparently hes so bad that I sacrificed all of myself to get rid of him.