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Adventures in the Mystical Forest

Adventures in the Mystical Forest


Doživetja v Mističnem Gozdu

Directed by
Anej Marčič

Produced by
Gašper Gregor

Written by
Anej Marčič

Anej Marčič
Gašper Gregor
Aleš Majhenšek

Music by
Anej Marčič

Gašper Gregor

Edited by
Gašper Gregor

FlareFox Studios

Distributed by
Rumena Zvezda, Kaprikon d.o.o.

Release date
19 February 2012

Running time
93 minutes

Yugoslavia (Frandonia)


Box office
$287 million

Adventures in the Mystical Forest (Yugoslav: Doživetja v Mističnem Gozdu) is a Yugoslav low-budget animation film, directed by Anej Marčič and edited together by Gašper Gregor. It was animated by FlareFox Studios and distributed by Rumena Zvezda and Kaprikon d.o.o. It was released in theatres in Yugoslavia on February 19, 2012 with sponsorship from Goričan Pictures. Despite having an unbelievably low budget of just $14 million, this feature film became the fourth best selling animated film made by FlareFox Studios, earning a monsterous amount of $287 million at the box office. It also set the guinness world record for the lowest production budget and for the highest box office earning movie with a budget under $40 million. The plot and the music were composed by Anej Marčič while the cinematography, the animation and the editing were mainly done by Gašper Gregor. The film stars the voices of Anej Marčič, Gašper Gregor and their collegue Aleš Majhenšek. The film tells the story of three friends (Joshua, William and Thomas), who find an old adventure book in a library at their school. As they begin reading it, they flip to an image of the forest, which is spread out on both pages. The picture starts to twist and withouth a chance to react, they get sucked into the book, become part of the story, telling the adventures in the Mystical Forest.

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