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RP Rules

Regional Rules for The Dawn of Unity RP Region
General Rules: Any map claims must be justified through role-playing (known as RP from this point forward). Any disputes regarding claims will be settled by Amazonaca and Prussiankaiseriech. A few of the requirements for doing so are as follows:
    a) Justifiable by your current stats;

    b) is claimed within a solid narrative;

    c) is sensible. No "I claim all of China because I nuked 'em" it has to make sense and be somewhat realistic;

    d) if you have invaded another users territory, both parties must agree that you won it fair and square or that you can have it. Please be adults about this;

Claiming Territories on the World Map: 1. You can have one initial territory that you claim as your own with a semi-detailed post on how your nation came to encompass that territory. 2. After said initial country you are allowed to claim another country given that you provide a detailed and significant amount of RP justification. 3. You are only allowed to claim one territory at a time given that you provide sufficient RP justification. 4. When you claim a territory and it becomes a part of your nation, you can only claim another territory after 10 days in accordance with Rule 3. 5. Stats only come into play when claiming RP territories if:
    a) your claim is wildly impractical or;

    b) our Council can't decide who gets a contested region.

Claiming Territories in Outer Space: Nobody can claim a planetary body or a non man-made object in outer space without meeting the following requirements: 1. Incredibly detailed RP justification 2. The claim must be agreed to by the vast majority of RP nations involved. 3. The claim must be made by more than one different country, all owned by different people. It must be a joint claim. 4. All nations making the claim must be members of the WA unless they have a good reason, which must be shared to all members of the Council so they can decide whether or not to accept the claim] 5. Two of the nations making the claim must have 1 billion citizens according to NS stats 6. Two of the nations must have an economic output (according to NS stats) of 750 trillion or more.
Naval and Air Force Expansion: Naval and Air expansion can not happen unless a reasonable amount of time has passed since your last expansion. Manufacturing and development of fleets and aircraft systems of course, takes time. We do not employ a timing system within RP but your expansion must be in line with the pacing of the rest of the RP narratives. For example, you cannot advance 6 months if the majority of players do not agree to it. Research should also be done to accurately estimate how long an expansion of your size would take, while also taking stats into account. A low manufacturing stat will obviously take longer than if you had a high stat.
The minutiae of all of these rules will be decided when a loophole, gray area, or grievance comes to the Council's attention. The Council is currently made up of Blitzakartz, Sougra, Edishki, Nebulousness, and Prussiankaiseriech. These rules are subject to being amended if a reasonable amount of citizens in the region demand it, if a situation arises where a rule must be created to address it, and in a few other select situations.