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Welcome to the semi-finals of the final season of the RPL! We have many exciting matchups ahead, namely the North Frasian Gunmen taking on the Liamopolis Imperials. Read on to find out more.

RHINE MEDIA is shutting down. This is the last season of the RPL.

In other news, I would greatly appreciate if you sent a puppet over to New Protection Coalition, We have a roleplay made and run by Ivorica and are looking for nations to help start a government or just roleplay with us.


SEMI FINAL 1: Liamopolis Imperials were defeated by North Frasian Gunmen
In a stunning upset, the Gunmen have knocked off the Imperials, many people’s favourite to go back to back in the grand final. By the first half, the Gunmen were already up 2 goals. The real action started during the second half when the Imperials immediately kicked back to bring the score to 1:2 the Gunmen’s way. The Gunmen tried their best to hold back the onslaught from the Imperials and took the game all the way until the last 5 minutes, when the Imperials snuck another goal into the Gunmen’s net. The last 5 minutes was a nailbiting stalemate in the middle of the ground. The umpires called for 15 minutes of extra time, but the Gunmen only needed 10 to go 1 up on the Imperials. They won the match and you could see the devastation on the crowd and Imperials players.

FINAL SCORE: Liamopolis Imperials (2) were defeated by North Frasian Gunmen (3) to host the Grand Final

MATCH 2: Patek Phillippean Fire defeated Atletico Luez
In what comes as little surprise to any follower of the RPL, the Fire have finished off Atletico Luez in what will go down as the greatest out of the 4 RPL semi finals ever played. Patek Phillippe ended the first half 3 points down with the score standing at 0:3 (Luez’s way). The Fire must have eaten something spicy at their half time break because they managed to put 3 shots behind the Luez goalie. With 10 minutes left, the score was tied at 3 all. Everyone watching the match live had their heads in their hands, anticipating a thrilling finish. With 2 minutes left, the Fire went on a run. They managed to score and book their place in the final with an excellent header into the corner of the goals. You could see how much it meant to the Fire players, who have managed to go one further than last season as they jumped into a team huddle while the fireworks went off and the national anthem blasted over the stadium speakers in New Patek City.

FINAL SCORE: Patek Phillippean Fire (4) defeated Atletico Luez (3) to progress to the Grand Final

SEMI FINAL 1: Cretanjan Eagles defeated Wolves FC
In what comes as a surprise to literally nobody who follows the FOX Championship, the Eagles have moved on to the grand final and will host it as well. The Wolves fought gallantly here but were outskilled by a dominant Eagles side. The Wolves have done well to score a goal here as most of the game was just them getting smashed by the Eagles strikers. It seems the Eagles have taken this win for granted, or they are just extremely reserved in celebrations.

FINAL SCORE: Cretanjan Eagles (4) defeated Wolves FC (1) to host the Grand Final

SEMI FINAL 2: Cypress Scorpions defeated Dracarya FC
A rematch from round 8 with no change in the result: a win for the Scorpions. The Scorpions will now move to the grand final to play the dominant Eagles for the championship. In all honesty, Dracarya were pretty unlucky to lose this match, they had more shots on target (7 to Cypress’ 5) and played a cleaner match (the Scorpions had 3 yellow cards and 1 red to Dracarya’s 1 yellow). Well played to the Scorpions here though, they won in the end and they were one of only 2 teams not to lose to the Eagles this season, that should make for some good viewing Thursday night.

FINAL SCORE: Cypress Scorpions (3) defeated Dracarya FC (1) to progress to the Grand Final


There you have it, the RPL and FOX Championship are left with one match each. It is slightly ironic that the FOX Championship starts and will end with a match between the Cretanjan Eagles and Cypress Scorpions. The RPL grand final between the two quiet achievers of this season looks set to be an absolute thriller. My prediction is that the Gunmen will take it out in a penalty shootout, but don’t count the Fire out of this.

As you should all probably know by now, RHINE MEDIA is finishing up. This Friday (19th), will be our last day. Before then we plan on doing 2 more daily headlines (Rhinians) to get our overall total of headlines up to 65 and possibly 1 more interview (this is open to anyone, please contact us if you are willing). On the 19th, we will release the Grand Final edition of RPL Weekly and our 2nd daily headline. Thank you to everyone who reads these, some have garnered around 80 views!

Thanks Again, and don’t forget to send a puppet over to New Protection Coalition!
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