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Yugandrejevian ‘Latinichna’ Diagraphical Alphabet

The Yugandrejevian ‘Latinichna’ Diagraphical Alphabet (Yugandrejevska Latinichna Diagrafska Azbuka) was introduced in 1903. It was based on the English alphabet and aimed to make the Yugandrejevian language more compatible with Western Europe. The 24 letters are:

| A a | B b | D d | E e | F f | G g | H h | I i | J j | K k | L l | Lj lj | M m | N n | Nj nj | O o | P p | R r | S s | T t | U u | V v | Y y | Z z |

The diagraphs Ch, Sh, Ts, and Zh are used to make the sounds represented by that combination of letters as in English. The letter J makes the sound J as in 'Juliet', the letter G makes the sound G as in 'gore', and the letter R can be rolled or tapped depending on context. The letters Lj and Nj are borrowed from Gaj's Latin Alphabet used in former Yugoslavia.

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