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The Great Clovic Unshacklement

On April 14, 2019, the people of The Clover Confederation (TCC) declared victory over its opposition, proclaiming freedom from other regions' influence and control.

The members of TCC have experienced much suffering due to how much control their former regional governments had over them. Among these are the regions of The VALTIC (rest in peace) and Hegiroth (rest in peace as well). On March 17, 2019, TCC members New Excalibus, Rughzhenhaide, Puetavisa, and The Greater Low Countries formed TCC, their own region.

After a month of struggling with Hegiroth, TCC declared itself free and independent from all other regions on April 14th. This day will be remembered as Clovic Unshacklement Day, and there shall be great celebration of freedom.

TCC's goals for the future are uncertain, but its establishment as a region of freedom are set in stone. May God be with it through its future.