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The Basics of Defending

Basics of Defending

What is Defending?

Defending is basically coming from another region and mass endorsing a nation that's associated with the region however unlike raiding. In defending, you try to take the WA delegate position away from a raider rather than a native and do this ONLY in raided regions. You also try to reinstate the region's former glory by putting known natives back into RO officers and cancel closures with embassies that the native citizens have and close the embassies that associate with the raider party. You can check embassy history in the history section of the region.

So How do I Start

You first join the World Assembly.
If your nation has an email address, then click apply to join. After that check your email, it should show immediately after you click apply to join. Click on the email and then click confirm join and you will be in the WA, if you don't want to be in the WA or want to switch nations then click resign and if you're switching you could choose another nation to be in the WA after you resign from the WA of the current WA nation you have. Remember only ONE nation could be in the WA and don't think they won't find you, they will. Only DEN raiders make more than one WA nation which's the reason why they don't exist.

So What Do I Do

Raided regions are usually known for having the same flag as the region that raided them and are known to have only one or two embassies which are the regions that raided them. Then if you're chosen to be future WA Delegate, then go in there first. If not then go endorse the nation you've been told to endorse. The WA Delegate is elected on either 12:00 AM EST and 12:00 PM EST and are elected when a nation has the most WA member endorsement in the region. They will usually have executive power and all other powers. If not give yourself power by appointing yourself as an RO Officer, but you can only appoint a border control officer every 26 hours.

OK I'm WA Delegate now what

  • First you close the embassy with the region that's been associated with the raider, anything like Nineveh, The Black Hawks, and sometimes The Glorious Nations of Iwaku.

  • take away positions from all ROs as raiders usually take away positions from all the native ROs and put the raider nations as ROs so they could keep power.

  • Go to the history and check out the regions that used to have embassies with them that were cancelled by the raiders and reopen them.

  • If you know someone is a native then appoint him/her into an RO Officer, you might have to look in the chat a bit. If not then appoint yourself as one.

  • Delete anything made by the raiders which would usually say "This region has been taken by (regionname)" or something like that.

  • Delete the flag, If Osiris raided it will have the "Egyptian red eye" flag, if Black Hawks raided it will usually have a flag that has two black bars on the sides with the black hawks or something else on the sword that's stabbing the Earth. If Black Hawks with Vando0sa in it, it will have a flag that has an anime girl with black hawk wings. As well on the entry with "squeaking" spam. ASK VANDO0SA WHY SHE DOES THIS. Delete that flag that marks the raider and either install the flag that used to be that of the region or just delete it.

  • If you know what the region looked like before, you could reinstate the factbooks that used to be in the native region,

  • If not then look at the founder and put some factbooks you think are appropriate for the region.

  • Banject raiders if you know who they are or are commanded to, Although banjecting needs influence so if you can't banject someone, wait for another 12 hours before banjecting them.

  • Leave, but with a few puppets if it's small so the region won't cease to exist (leading to refounding)

But the entry says it has been raided but the founder is the raider

That my friend is known as refounding

Refounding sometimes occurs in raiding when the raider clears out all the nations in the region then wait for update as the region will cease to exist. Then the raider will make a region under the same name as the cease to exist region and that's how refounding works. At this point, it's usually too late to take this region back as founder can banject anyone without influence and even if banjected from the region, could unban themselves and come back. None of their powers could be taken out by anyone. Defenders are usually told not to refound a region.