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~Ironblood Zwei~

Seal of Ironblood Zwei

Flag of Ironblood ZWEI

Ironblood ZWEI
The Alliance of Ironblood Zwei
The Second Iteration of Ironblood

This is the official factbook for the alliance of Ironblood ZWEI. (abbr: IZ) Ironblood ZWEI is an alliance created by the nation of Illusia and Neverendia. The purpose of this alliance is to:
  • create a strong bond with members of each nation;

  • project military power for security;

  • helping others in need;

  • and of course, to have fun. Ironblood ZWEI doesn't care about your ideology as long as you're under us.

Ironblood ZWEI is better known also as the Second Iteration of Ironblood, an alliance also created by Illusia and Neverendia that was assimilated into Palingenesis, but after leadership crises and the Stratocracy deeming the governance of the alliance far too way horrid, the nation left and thus (re)forming the alliance.
Current members are as follows:

Member Nations


Rynese Empire

Alliance Leader


Alliance Vice-Commander

Islands of Washington


The Volcen








Oile Islands


Pending Applications

  • None.

Current Alert Level: Orange

Ironblood Alert Levels
The following are alert levels of the alliance with their respective colors and certain things to do:
  • Green - There are no current issues within the alliance or any external issues bothering the alliance.

  • Orange - An issue has sparked within the alliance or is threatening the alliance and all Ironblood members are obliged to stay alert.

  • Red - The alliance is in threat of war or is at war; all Ironblood members are obliged to mobilize and defend or attack.

Intervention Policies
Ironblood has a strict no-intervention policy on certain conflicts across Strangereal. The alliance leader will determine if the alliance will interfere or not. If an Ironblood nation is experiencing a conflict within their territory (e.g. civil wars or insurgency), the leader will grant anyone the power to interfere within the alliance, but international nations may or may not be allowed to do so.

Diplomatic Relationships with other Alliances
Our current relationships with other alliances are as follows:
  • Pax Havenica: Under restoration

  • OSEAN: Allies, via Blackwater Pact

  • Legion of Doom: Allies, via Blackwater Pact

  • Warsaw Pact: Unsatisfactory

  • Palingenesis: Severed