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Policies of TSSU

Policies and Laws

Red Committee Work Permit Programme:

A Red Committee work permit encourages and allows skilled workers in member regions of RedCom to work abroad, without requiring citizenship or permanent residence. All nations, with the exception of regional founders and heads of state, may apply for a permit via completing a form and scheduling an interview with a foreign affairs and immigration administrator. A permit is valid for 4-6 months and can be renewed, following an additional interview. Lastly, should a permit holder no longer meet the specific requirements or convicted their permit may be invalidated early, though exceptions can be made (for convicted members) based on the offence carried out by the offender.


  • Nation of nation residing in RedCom member region:

  • RedCom member region of residence:

  • Puppet nations, if applicable:

  • Previous region of residence:

  • Additional regions of residence, if applicable:

  • Previous felonies:

  • Qualifications and skills:

  • Work Experience, if applicable:

  • Occupation of Interest:

  • Requested duration of the permit's validation:

Jobs offered to permit holders in TSSU:

  • Ambassador

  • Artisit and Graphic Designer

  • Senator

  • Radio Host

  • Discord Maintenance worker

  • Soldier

  • Police officer

Jobs offered to permit holders in TRCA:

  • Artisit and Graphic Designer

  • Newsman

  • Broadcaster

  • Ambassador

  • Assistant

  • Military Volunteer


British Soviets Overseer of TSSU ... Composser ✎_

Alger-maine Delegate for TRCA

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In order to prevent and counter the growing trend of regional conspiracy, and the limited effectiveness of independent member courts, the Red Committee hereby establishes the Legal Enactment of National Discipline Court, or the LEND Court, as an optional judiciary for member regions of the Red Committee to try domestic and inter-member cases, and to administer the enforcement of the verdict in all opted-in and relevant member regions.

Process of Member Entry
The LEND Court does not immediately or automatically apply to all regions that are members of the Red-Committee. All fully-entered members of the Red-Committee may enter the LEND Court at the request of the Regional Delegate, but must have attained their constituent government's approval. The jurisdiction of the LEND Court only applies to regions who have applied to enter it, and member regions cannot be refused entry.

Court Procedures

(1) Responsibilities of all judicial matters rely on the LEND Judge, appointed by the Red-Committee Delegates from a majority vote, with a six-month long tenure. The LEND Judge must not hold any seat in the Red Committee.

(2) Accused nations have the right to a fair trial and to representation by another nation. The burden of proof relies on the prosecution, accused nations are considered innocent until proven guilty. Ending the trial the High Justice must announce a verdict, which may be overturned with unanimous agreement from the Red-Committee Delegates.

(3) Punishments for guilty nations are separated between Felonies, Misdemeanors and Infractions.
a. Felonies are considered serious crimes, punishments may include:
- removal from office, RedCom or otherwise;
- temporary banishment from occupying any office, RedCom or otherwise;
- ejection and/or banishment, region specific / RedCom-Wide, and/or the discord Server, RedCom or otherwise;
- removal and suppression of specified post and/or messages;
b. Misdemeanors are considered lower crimes than Felonies, punishments may include:
- ejection from the member region and/or regional / RedCom discord servers;
- removal and suppression of specified post and/or messages;
c. Infractions are lowest level crimes, which may be punished without trial. Infractions may be enforced by any official with the authority. If requested, infractions may be re-classified as Misdemeanors and brought to trial. Punishments may include:
- removal and suppression of specified post and/or messages;
- ejection from the discord server, RedCom or otherwise;

Criminal Code
(1) The Red Committee recognizes all actions defined in this law as threatening or harmful, in all platforms ruled by the region:
a. Infiltration
defined as a nation with foreign allegiances occupying or wishing to occupy an office to perform malicious actions.
b. Espionage
defined as a nation with foreign allegiances wishing to collect information not available publicly.
c. Abuse of Power
defined as performing actions beyond given and allowed authority.
d. Treason
defined as advancing self or foreign interest with no clear advantage to the member region.
e. Undermining Democracy
defined as using authority to remove democratic power.
f. Corruption
defined as exchange of power or valuable elements for a nation's vote or a political position.
g. Intimidation
defined as a threat to a nation's position or being.
i. Spam
defined as malicious, commercial or repetitive posts or messages.

Author: Delegate Alger-maine, The Revolutionary Communist Alliance
Date Written: 3/6/2019
Latest Revision: 3/6/2019
Date Approved: 3/7/2019
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The Red Committee's Brigada Antifascista:

La Brigada Antifascista (LBA) is an anti-fascist military alliance comprised of soldiers residing in RedCom members states. Individual nations from member-region may volunteer to join a brigade. The head of a regional military must acquire permission from the Member-Region Government prior to involving the Regional Military in the LBA officially, in which case all domestic personnel still reserve the right to refuse serving in the LBA.

Its goal is to form an efficient inter-regional military capable: of raiding, liberating and occupying fascist and or alt-right regions in order to diminish the threat of fascism and spread leftism across NationStates. Targets will be decided by the Marshall and approved by the Red-Committee.

Only regions tagged as fascist, or regions who have asserted territorial claims on any member region, or those who are in active state of war on any member region. Otherwise, the raid will be legal, unsanctioned, and disavowed by RedCom, resulting in the termination of all those involved. Should a campaign be jeopardized due to the actions of a division member they may be dishonorably discharged. Lastly, the LBA is obligated to be used in defense of any member region in danger of a foreign-raid.

Divisions in LBA will be made up of 10-20 military personnel: a planner, officer, and 8-18 soldiers. All divisions will be managed by the Marshall.

Division Roles:

  • Marshall- The Marshall oversees all divisions; they are both appointed / terminated by the Red Committee Member Delegates. They will assign ranks and roles to their subordinates.

  • Planner- The planner's job is to review targets and note their strengths and weaknesses before devising a campaign.

  • Officer- It is the Officer's duty to follow the orders drawn up by the planner. An officer must understand the orders given before directing the ground soldiers during an offensive.

  • Ground Soldiers- Ground soldiers are to follow the officer's instructions and occupy the specified target. Failure to do so could result in the individual discharged.

(co-authored by British Soviets and Red HighValley)

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Before proposing the construction of embassies please make sure your representative region has met all the prerequisites and conditions listed below.

Ⅰ Your region must contain at least twenty unique, or non-puppet, nations.
Ⅱ Your region must not be a puppet storage region.
Ⅲ You mustn't hold a region that The Socialist Syndicalist Union is either at war or is very in opposition to.
IV Your region must not be tagged as Anti-Communist or Fascist.
V Lastly, your region must be able to send an official ambassador to our Discord Server.

After such requirements have been met you can notify a Server Moderator on Discord or the Secretary of State via Discord and/or telegrams about potential embassy construction. If this is accepted or denied, you are entitled to an explanation of why. Please note that Server Moderators do not give the right to construct embassies, they simply may get into contact with a lead official much quicker than you.

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