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by The Federal People's Republic of Asherahan. . 39 reads.

Political Stances (WIP)

Stances on Administration

*Age of Consent & Legal Adulthood should be at 14

*Age of Retirement should be cross referenced with the average life expectancy & Worker Viability

*The Constitutional Right & Responsibility to propose a cabinet to the legislature should be carried out by the Head of State

*Concerning the Financing of Political Campaigns we should make it that all candidates receive public funds but are not allowed to accept donations. Lobbying is illegal.

*On the Governments policy concerning granting citizenship we should grant citizenship to all Nationals after they successfully complete their Public Education & if physically able their mandatory Military Education. Nationals that haven't earned their right to their full Citizenship cannot leave the country unless they renounce their citizenship. Foreigners can gain citizenship by passing a qualifying exam. Multiple citizenship is not allowed, the country's citizenship is exclusive. All Citizens should be issued with identity cards & should be required to carry them at all times.

*On the Structure of the executive branch the Head of State should also be the Head of Government.

*Members of Parliament are entitled to their living & work expenses but not a wage. Government Employees are entitled to the standard wage.

*Government Employees are Selected & Appointed through a public exam.

Stances on Military Matters

*We should Reserve the Right to Develop, Construct & Store Nuclear Weapons as a means of deterring other Hostile nations. NPT be damned.

*The Government should Build & Maintain a network of shelters across the nation.

*Conscientious objectors should be exempted from combatant roles, but not from non-combatant roles.

*The Defense industry should be private, subsidized by the state & Overseen by a Central State Organization for Arms Procurement.

*All adult Citizens will serve in the military, discrimination for racial or religious reasons is prohibited.

*A Civilian State Funded Police Force should be in place with the Military called in to help in serious emergencies.

*All adults upon completion of schooling must serve a term of 2 Years in the military. Homosexuality is allowed in the Military but open displays of affection between of all sexes are not Allowed. The Nation should strive to Retain a Professional Army, Navy & Air Force alongside a complementary Conscript & Paramilitary Force.


*Abortion should be allowed during the first trimester & from thereafter for medical emergencies. The are Government Funded.

*Alcoholic beverages may be purchased only from licensed sales outlets & can only be available to adults.

*The mentally ill can be compulsorily detained if they are deemed to pose a threat to themselves or others.

*The Government should offer free contraceptives in pharmacies & public toilets.

*Euthanasia is only allowed with consent from the Patient, the Doctor & a court order.

*Gender Reassignment surgery should be legal but regulated.

*There should be a Free Public Health care system. Private Clinics are allowed but are heavily regulated to ensure they treat their patients well & provide good care. The Government introduces & actively regulates health & safety legislation in all areas of industry alongside drug prices. The Government supplies free pharmaceutical drugs to those of low income. The Government should Mandate the vaccination of all children.

*IVF should legal & regulated in terms of the applicant's condition & procedural circumstances.

*All natural drugs in their natural state should be legal & regulated.

*Organ donation is universal & compulsory if able.

*Smoking is only allowed in Private Homes & Recreational Businesses.

*The Government should not fund sports clubs; only private ones should be allowed.


*Only advertising that meets certain set standards is permitted & has to carry strong warning messages.

*There should a Central State Bank that is under the direct oversight of the Ministry of Finance. All other Banks are allowed to be private with Regulation put in place for the protection of their customers. The Central Bank also Mints the State Currency. The Exchange Rate of the National Currency should be kept within a defined band of fluctuation.

*Child labour should be Forbidden.

*All Employment whether it be private or otherwise should go through a Central Employment Agency. Anyone can referee someone of interest if they wish for interview but independent hiring is Banned. Public & Private sector employees should have the right to collectively bargain through the Agency. The Agency obligates trade unions & employers to negotiate the daily number of working hours & a Salary Cap.

*Public Amenities such as Energy, Water, Waste Disposal, Transportation & Telecommunications should be State Owned.

*Foreign investors may invest in National Companies, but may not get a majority share.

*The State should have a Monopoly in Sex Works & Gambling which should only allowed in State Owned Establishments. Pornography Depicting consenting adults should be legal for everyone.

*Certain Industrial Sectors should be owned by the state, all others should be under private ownership. The Government should act as an investor of last resort, by nationalizing failing industries.

*There shall be a minimum wage at a level considered a "living wage," well above the poverty line for a full time worker.

*The Stock Exchange should be Government owned.

*The Government should encourage the formation of Democratic Workers' Councils through subsidies and tax exemptions.


*The death penalty is not applied, except for extreme cases, terrorism, treason & crimes against mankind.