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Weekly Union News ~ One

April 12, 2019 ~ First Edition

Local News
Foreign News
On The Board

Birdie town

April Election Results

Minister of Foreign Affairs:Akiharoo

Minister of Regional Affairs:Birdie town

Prime Minister:Communist Badgers


Thank you for listening!
Glory to the The Earth Empire!


New Discord

This week the nation Caduceo created the Earth Empire LinkDiscord server after this 4 other nations joined ( Corolines, communist Badgers, USS Lexington, and Flying Birdie) if you want me to talk more about the board but nothing of much importance happened on the board this week so BE ACTIVE!!

The state of yi

Behind The Scenes

This week, Head Editor Caduceo exclusively interviewed our Founder, The state of yi, regarding their future plans for the region.

TSY - For a very long time, I've been meaning to make a recruitment telegram to boost activity here in the region. The reason that I haven't started it yet is because I am not yet willing to spend money on stamps, and also since I don't know how to make a recruitment telegram. But with the government restored from dormancy after the elections, the recruitment telegrams will be coming within a month. The new members that come to our region will also help with complaints of the region being filled with puppets, so two birds are hit with a single stone.

I am also planning to make several new laws. I won't divulge too much regarding it, but I'm writing a law on crimes, a law formally establishing the Senate, and maybe one on recruitment TGs. If the one on crimes passes, we now have a definite code to compare rude actions against


Caduceo, Head Editor
Birdie town, Senior Editor
Corolines, Senior Editor

To join the News Team, send a telegram to The state of yi or Caduceo

To have an advertisement in the newspaper, telegram Caduceo