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by The Hindu Rashtra of Hindu Mahasabha. . 939 reads.

Mass Puppet Deletion by Moderators

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Government of India

For Immediate Release
This is an emergency press conference from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,Government of India

Today is a big day in our region's history,as we achieved a victory over our enemy.

It was over two months when I was continously receiving abusive content from the now deleted nation, Hamramstan.He used the fact that NS Mods don't know Hindi language,so he continously abused me in Hindi,not only me but several others like Pratapgadh,Hindu puri and several others.Been a long time member of India,he had the support of senior members like Upper Calcutta,Awell Islands,Anantpura and Indusse.They denied any evidence against Hamramstan stating that he doesn't knows Hindi.It was not their fault,as Hamramstan has worn a mask so nicely that others failed to notice his true face.

It had happened everytime,I received tons of abusive content from his puppets and the moment I blocked them,I had another abusive telegram waiting for me from another pupper.It continued for 2 months.The mods couldn't take any action as they failed to translate the HindI telegrams.

But today it is proved that Hamramstan knows hindi,as today morning I reported all of his abusive posts to the moderators and they deleted all his puppet nations,including the Founder Aziz Manasawala of Manasawala as well.He continued to abuse me using puppets like Bharadesh and what not,but today justice has been served.All his puppet nations are also deleted.

He has also cheated the native people of Manasawala by puppet flooding the region and impersonating as different person from different puppets.

He had cheated Manasawala,using his puppets in the senate to vote and taking whatever decision he liked using his puppets,controlling the region using his puppet founder,Aziz Manasawala and impersonating as another person.

We also wish to inform everyone that Manasawala is added to the blacklist regions of India and to the Civil Defence Siren.

I only wish to say,that as a victim of harassment and spam,I feel justice has been served and thank the NationStates Moderators for their help.

I also wish to notify that it was not a fight between me or Hamramstan,it was not a fight between India and Manasawala,it was fight between the truth and lies,a fight between the oppressor and oppressed.

A victory of harassment it was,a message was that NationStates won't tolerate hatred and harassment.

Always remember,the evil side is not strong,it is only more seducing.

Upvote this dispatch if you are are against harassment and want to make NationStates a harassment free place.I don't want anybofy else to go through what I went through.

Thank You

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