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Valsora Weather Services

Valsora Weather Services


What is Valsora Weather Services?

Valsora Weather Services, or VWS is a international weather warning system that surveys and gathers information on dangerous weather across Valsora. Founded by the United Disaster association in 2058, who previously operated a weather alert app and several small offices in Nonscio and Orientalis for the most part, it has grown to a much larger association that stretched across all the continents. It currently operates as a charity funded orginization, and displays warnings to the citizens of Valsora when dangerous weather is headed their way. The orginization has bases all across the world.


Code : Green

One incident detected

Caution within the areas of: Shavara, Danelaw Scandinavia, Peatiktist, New Terabithia and Erkadia

Warning Highwinds reported in Hastani, Aikos and Northern Bavatia. Citizens are urged to stay indoors once warning is given and keep pets inside.

Our satillites and weather stations have detected a large cold front coming across into the areas of Hastani, Aikos and Northern Bavatia. The cold front is expected to bring gale force winds which could pose danger to coastal citizens and residences in high altitudes. Large shallow rooted trees might fall during the winds. The temperatures is expected to reach around 21C in Hatstani, 24C in Aikos and 16C in Northern Bavatia. Heavy rainfall up to 10 cm is expected to meet the nations within those regions brought by towering Cumulus and Cumulonimbus clouds. Supercells are highly unlikely, though hail could be expected. Citizens are not encouraged to head outside as lightning is a guarantee. This should not cause much damage, but make sure trees are pruned before the storm.

Can I release large amounts of steam into the air to make it rain?

Im sorry, but that is not physically possible. With our current technology, the best we can do to influence the weather is explode it